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Trip Rules & Check Lists

My checklist for the night before I leave

My checklist for the night before I leave

 Do I have my:

  • Passport/visa
  • One piece of portable luggage, with clear identification
  • Light backpack/comfortable walking shoes
  • Camera with charger
  • All essential clothing/rain gear
  • Prescription medicines safely stored
  • A small amount of money for shopping and miscellany
  • Snacks

What do I need to bring?

  • Passport with valid visa OR residence card  OR Hong Kong/Macau ID card (for HK and Macau residents)        OR Taiwanese resident ID (for Taiwanese residents).
  • One piece of portable luggage with clear identification.
  • Light back-pack for carrying personal items
  • Prescription medicine in safety container/zip lock bag
  • Camera with charger
  • Wind/water proof jacket (preferably with hood) or sweater
  • Cotton pants – long and short
  • Sufficient changes of underwear and socks
  • Good, comfortable walking shoes (well broken in); no sandals, flip flops, or open-toed shoes
  • Hat or cap
  • Personal toiletries
  • Wet wipes or hand sanitizer and tissue for bathrooms
  • Sunscreen/ sunglasses
  • Snacks
  • Water bottle
  • A small amount of  money for miscellaneous shopping
  • Mobile phone, charger and sufficient load on phone
  • No Laptops

You are at your own risk if you bring your iPod’s, PSP’s, or other electronic devices.

China Trips Rules 2013-14

 Preventative Measures:

  • Students should bring a hat, sunglasses and a long sleeved shirt to protect them from the sun
  • Valuables should be left at home or, if brought, they are the student’s responsibility
  • Use insect repellant and sunscreen when necessary
  • Do not order room service or use the hotel mini bar


  • As HIS Ambassadors, your first impressions are lasting impressions. Please be respectful of locals; remember we are guests in their country.
  • No inappropriate dress, clothing must be school appropriate.
  • Curfew for room checks: 9:00 pm in rooms, 9:30 lights out Middle School
  • Curfew for room checks: 9:30 pm in rooms, 10:00 lights out PM High School
  • All students are to socialize in the designated areas, and not in each other’s hotel rooms.
  • No meeting outside guests (including family) unless previously arranged and approved by the trip leader and the principal
  • l  If a major behavioral incident occurs, students may be sent home. This could occur for the following reasons:
  1. Repeated, unacceptable behavior that adversely affects the group or learning environment
  2. Incidents that placed the student or other members of the group in serious danger
  3. Alcohol, smoking or illicit drug use

Parents incur all costs (which could include a teacher chaperone) for sending a student home due to a major conduct issue. 


  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent dehydration, especially when hiking
  • Students should get permission from supervising teacher before any medication is taken
  • Inhalers should be full and not expired
  • No Red Bull or other energy drinks which could increase heart rate.

Additional Rules:

  • Stay with groups at all times
  • Do not take any unnecessary risks. When in doubt, play it safe.
  • During free time or shopping, you must be in a group of at least three at all times, with an adult chaperone in the immediate vicinity.
  • When travelling on buses, respect others, including teachers and tour guides. When teachers or tour guides are talking to the group, iPods and other electronic devices must be off and put away.
  • Food and drinks are allowed on buses, BUT you must clean up your garbage when departing the bus each time; this privilege can be rescinded at any time for violations.
  • No laptops
  • Cell Phone Use Cell phone use should be restricted to Emergencies Only. During scheduled activities students are essentially in class. Use of cell phones in any fashion that detracts from the learning environment of the activity will result in confiscation of the phone by the chaperoning teachers. This includes excessive conversations with home or friends, texting etc. It is understood that parents probably will want to confirm with their children when they arrive at the destination and when they will be arriving back to the school but for the most part, except in an emergency situation, communication with people outside the group via phone should be limited. Field trips like these have been occurring for a long time, since much before the invention of cell phones. When required cell phones are an excellent communication tool but can easily become a distraction from other activities. Students should be encouraged to  interact with their travel companions not their electronic devices.

All School rules and policies are applicable throughout the trip




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