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HIS has a strong history of academic success since 2002 when it was established. Students have achieved successful results, entered quality universities and colleges, and moved further into the larger society as positive citizens of a global world. It has been the community atmosphere, the caring and nurturing teachers, and the students themselves who have been responsible for HIS's success.

We are developing student-centered approaches to learning in order to encourage students to build their skill sets and develop their learning through an inquiry format.

The teachers provide effective approaches to teaching to ensure that the content is contextualized and relevant to the real world.

Regardless of whether students attend HIS from Kindergarten through Grade 12 or only stay a few years, we want to ensure that they have access to the learning and life skills that will help them to succeed on into the future. Using the IB Learner Profile Attributes as a guide for student qualities, we are able to produce students who can use a variety of necessary soft skills including communication, thinking, self-management, research, and social skills. Furthermore, we encourage mindful approaches to resilience, perseverance, inquiry, and being a principled individual.

The HIS Curriculum breakdown

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