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2017 China Trip Information

Overview of 2017 China Trips

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry,and narrow-mindedness” Mark Twain

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” St. Augustine

picture of PPT

China Trip 2017 Powerpoint from the Wednesday, April 19 Parent Information Evening


At Hangzhou International School we believe in the value of experiential learning. We also believe that it is important for students to come to as full an appreciation of China as possible during their time at HIS and Hangzhou. For these reasons each year we have a “Week Without Walls” when Upper School students are expected to participate in action and service learning outside the confines of our school.

In addition to seeing different parts of China, we hope to expose students to experiences, places and activities that they may not normally have otherwise. These are educational trips, designed to push the envelope of learning and understanding.

We want students to come to a better understanding of China and its people. Students will be able to better appreciate China’s culture and history, become more culturally aware and sensitive, and understand how they can make a positive impact on China and their world.


All HIS trips will have at least one male and one female teacher chaperone in addition to local bilingual guides.


All HIS students should already have their own, family based, health care plan. In addition to this insurance, the tour operators include travel insurance. In the case of an illness or emergency, chaperones are asked to contact the student’s emergency contact number directly to share information and ensure that insurance information is shared

Adventure Activities

The adventure activities described in these trips are all well-tested and proven activities that are appropriate for the different age groups. With Real Travel and Karst Climbers, we have selected trip operators who provide similar trips for many international schools in China. Both trip operators have a proven track record of safety and satisfaction from the schools, parents, and students who have worked with them.

Behavior Expectations

These are school trips and all student behavior expectations that apply on campus are equally in force during the China Trip week. Students should not engage in any activity that is prohibited at school (smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc.) Students will also follow the room requirements for their stay at hotels. Students who violate the code of conduct may be sent home immediately at parents’ additional expense.

Personal Expenses

Most meals are included in the cost of trips but students should expect to bring money for occasional meals and snacks, souvenirs and optional activities depending on the tour. On average students should budget about 100 - 150 RMB per day for personal expenses.

Contact Information

Prior to departure parents will be provided with all essential details such as flight/train numbers and times, hotel names and phone numbers, specific schedules etc. Posted below is general information for parent and student notification for each trip.

Clothing and Personal Items

The general packing list is attached below for the grade level. Students can begin preparing and packing their bags accordingly. Trip chaperones can provide more information as necessary.

Emergency Contact and Medical information

Parents or guardians are asked to complete the emergency contact form to indicate the student’s first point of contact in an emergency, and to indicate any special needs for medication or diet. The information requested is listed below.

Please fill out the appropriate Emergency Information survey as listed below.

Grade 6-8 Emergency information survey


Grade 9-12 Emergency information survey


 Transportation information for China Trips

There will be a bus from the HIS campus to the Hangzhou Airport for the grade 7-12 trips. If parents find that they live closer to the airport and would like to have their students go directly to the airport in the morning, rather than to HIS campus, please notify the trip leader and pay attention to the time indicated below for when students should meet the group at the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport. The same can be done upon return. If parents notify the chaperone, students may leave for home directly from the Hangzhou Airport rather than coming back to HIS campus first.


Trip Name

Bus/Flight for leaving

Bus/Flight for return

Departure time from HIS


Ningbo Outdoor Adventure

24 students + 2 T

08th May.

09:00 Bus leave from school

Bus arranged by Real Travel

12th May.

14:00 Bus back to school

Bus arranged by Real Travel



Qingdao Sailing Trip

31 students + 3T

08th May.

Hangzhou / Qingdao by flight:

MU5671  07:25/09:10

Arrive at airport before 05:30am.

12th May.

Qingdao / Hangzhou by flight:

MU5672  16:00/17:50

Estimated arrival:17:50


Departure from HIS at 4:30am

Arrive at HIS around 19:20pm


Xiamen Trip

22 students + 2T

08th May. Hangzhou/Xiamen MU5557 0810/0940

Arrive at airport before 06:10am

12th May. Xiamen/Hangzhou MU2667  12:10/13:40

Estimated arrival: 13:40


Departure from HIS at 5:10am

Arrive at HIS around 15:00pm


Sanya Trip

18 students + 1T

08th May. Hangzhou/Sanya MF8321 13:30/16:35

Arrive at airport before 11:30am


12th May. Sanya/Hangzhou CZ6484 18:00/21:00

Estimated arrival: 21:00

Departure from HIS at 10:30am

Arrive at HIS around 22:20pm



19 students + 2T

08th May. Hangzhou/Guiyang MF8465 07:45/10:25

Arrive at airport before 05:45am

12th May. Guiyang/Hangzhou MF8458 17:20/19:30 

Estimated arrival: 19:30

Departure from HIS at 4:45am

Arrive at HIS around 20:50pm



21 students + 2T

08th May. Hangzhou/Lijiang  CA1915 06:50/10:20

Arrive at airport before 05:00am

12th May. Lijiang/Hangzhou CA1916 11:05/14:15

Estimated arrival: 14:15

Departure from HIS at 4:00am

Arrive at HIS around 15:35pm


Hainan Trip

11 students + 2T

22nd May. Hangzhou/Sanya HU7283 08:50/11:40

Arrive at airport before 06:50am

26th May. Sanya/Hangzhou CZ6484 18:00/21:00

Estimated arrival: 21:00

Departure from HIS at 5:50am

Arrive at HIS around 22:20pm




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