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HIS Newsletter September 14, 2015

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Strategies to Help You Talk to Your Child About School

I see it at the end of everyday.  Students catch their first glimpse of their parents since 7:30 am.  Parents are excited to hear all about what their child did at school.  Parent and child hug.  Parent asks "What did you do at school today?".  Child looks confused, then mumbles something like "stuff" or "I don't know".  Awkward silence.  Then they go to the cafe for a donut.  

The most ironic part of me writing this is that I do the exact same thing to Klara everyday, and everyday I'm disappointed in her response and she doesn't understand why!  Sadly I only recently realized that it was my fault entirely, how could she be expected to answer that incredibly complicated question in a few words?  This made me feel remiss as an educator and I've spent some time consulting the research on this interaction.  Attached is a list of very specific questions you can ask your child about their school day, some silly and some serious.  While you don't have to ask all of them specifically the questions give you a pretty good idea of a starting point for a conversation about school.  My recommendation is to start with "What was your favorite food at lunch?" or "What games did you play during recess/PE/Rhythm and Movement?" as these seem to be the strongest memories.  Children love talking about school and their learning, we just have to ask them the right questions which allow them to do so.  

As mentioned in the Newsletter our Student Assisted Conferences have moved to the following week on Tuesday,  October 27th.  While the format for the Upper School and Lower School is a little bit different the goal is the same:  Have students reflect on their learning.  The more you practice this at home the easier it will be for your child and you will find your interactions with your child about school becoming more pleasant and specific.  As always, come see any of us if you would like some further insights on how to talk, and more importantly listen, to your child.


Dan, Rob, Russell and Kory 

HIS Newsletter September 7, 2015

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