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Athletic Affiliations


Hangzhou International Schools Athletics Conference (HISAC)

In 2019 HIS was a founding member of this conference consisting of 8 Hangzhou-based international schools. Varsity and Middle School teams will compete in an annual HISAC tournament hosted by a member or associate school as well as some mid-week preparatory matches as organized between schools. HISAC is an inclusive sports organization whose mission is to foster individual and team development in a co-operative, friendly and enjoyable environment between all participating students.


Association of China and Mongolia International School (ACAMIS)

Our Varsity teams compete in season-ending Volleyball, Basketball, and Football (Soccer) tournaments in various cities throughout China, Mongolia and Hong Kong. These multi-day tournaments are a highlight for our student athletes and provide an excellent standard of competition to test the progress our teams and athletes have made throughout a season. They also provide the invaluable experience of preparing for a multi-day sports event and traveling as a team. Hangzhou International School currently competes in the ACAMIS Green Division comprising 6 schools;

·      Hangzhou International School (HIS)

·      Disovery College - Hong Kong (DCHK)

·      Shanghai Community International School - Hongqiao (SCIS-HQ)

·      Yew Chung International School, Shanghai, Puxi (YCIS PX)

·      QSI International School of Shenzhen (QSISZ)

ACAMIS schools also host several invitational tournaments throughout the year which are open to student athletes from any member school. Hangzhou International School regularly sends teams to compete in Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Swimming, Track and Field, Cross Country and Golf. 


Shanghai International Schools Activities Conference (SISAC)

Our varsity teams participate in single-day tournaments hosted by a SISAC member school in Shanghai. This tournament is the culmination of the Shanghai international schools regular season and it provides our athletes with a very-competitive atmosphere in the latter stages of our seasons to evaluate improvement and progress to this point in the season and allow for final preparation before the season-ending ACAMIS tournaments. 



China International Schools Sports Association (CISSA)

HIS is an associate member of CISSA which consists of 19 international schools in the Shanghai region. This competition is built on a participatory philosophy, giving every interested Middle School student the opportunity to participate at a season-ending tournament in Shanghai. Participation by HIS in these tournaments is dependent on what other Hangzhou-based opportunities for tournament-play exist for specific sports.


Shanghai Swim League (SSL)

HIS is a full member of the SSL, providing opportunities for our swimmers to compete in  meets in Shanghai, Suzhou and Nanjing against students from various international schools. The meets include both short-course and long-course formats, as well as some development focussed formats.