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Co-curricular Activities

Hangzhou International School offers Co-curricular Activities (CCAs) to all students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The Co-curricular program allows students to develop talents in an environment that promotes the growth of leadership and communication skills all while being hands-on and engaging.

CCA Dates 2020-2021

     Online Registration Period *      Confirmation of Registrations     CCA Dates 
 CCA 1  4 Sep - 8 Sep  21 Sep - 25 Sep  28 Aug - 11 Dec 
 CCA 2 16 Nov - 20 Nov  7 Dec - 11 Dec  18 Jan - 1 Apr
 CCA 3 1 Mar - 10 Mar 29 Mar - 1 Apr  12 Apr - 18 Jun


* All registrations received during the registration periods will be given equal consideration, irrespective of when the registration is submitted. Registrations made after this period may not be accepted, and will be dependent on availability of places in CCA groups.

Registrations for CCA 3 have now closed.

Letters will be sent home with students on Wednesday 31st March confirming their CCA3 activities which will begin immediately after Spring Break holidays.

For support about CCA registrations and wait lists, please contact Filipe Nogueira, Director of Athletics and Activities, or call 571 8669 0045 x111 .