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International Award (Duke of Edinburgh)

Duke of Edinburgh

HIS is proud to offer the International Award- Duke of Edinburgh, a program that equips students in grade 9 and above with invaluable skills to assist in their future academic and professional careers.

Students can complete 6 months (Bronze), 9 months (Silver), or 12 months (Gold) worth of activities that include physical recreation, helping younger children in elementary, volunteering with charities, and supporting our local Hangzhou community. During the fortnightly meetings, they will also learn camp craft, first aid, and navigational skills ready for our Adventurous Journeys.

Why join the International Award (DofE)?

Create memories, friendships, and skills that will last a lifetime. Completing any level of the Award will give HIS students a competitive edge for future opportunities, as it is highly recognized by universities, businesses, and employers around the world.

How does the International Award link to the IB?
Participating students can use their Volunteering, Physical and Service hours which help them to complete the award for their Creativity-Activity-Service (CAS) hours, allowing students to meaningfully undertake sustained improvements in these components and achieve both an IB core component and the award at the same time.

What activities must a student participate in?
Activities are divided into 4 categories: volunteering, physical, skills, and expedition.
Some examples of these activities which our students choose to undertake are:

  • Volunteering to assist with school CCAs, helping in local communities at animal shelters and local schools.
  • Physical such as improving cardiovascular endurance through participation in the swim team or cross country, development of Volleyball or Soccer abilities, and fitness improvements in the fitness center.
  • Skills many of our participants choose to improve their musical skills in violin, piano, guitar, and much more, some focus on a second or third language, and others still improve their poetry, woodwork, and art skills.

What is the Adventurous Journey (AJ)?
Students participate in two AJ's for each level of the Award, increasing in duration and difficulty as the awards increase. Bronze participants complete 2 days/1 night, Silver 3 days/2 nights and Gold 4 days/3 nights. Students spend time in the wilderness planning their hiking/biking/canoeing routes, creating a goal for what they wish to accomplish and then carrying out their plan, goal, cooking, and camping along the way. The first AJ allows them to practice and develop the skills needed to then complete their second journey self-sufficiently.

For more information, please email the Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator, Ms. Hollingsworth at