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Student Council


To promote the general welfare of the school and to provide students with better opportunities to enjoy and benefit from their time at HIS.


Student Council regularly posts newsletters including highlights from events, photos from activities, comments from students, etc. There’s lots of information regarding events, finances, general welfare and more! Check out our Third and Fourth Quarter issue by clicking here.


Student Council wants your voices to be heard! Share your thoughts regarding school matters by clicking here.


Check out our photos from events by clicking here.


Representatives 2020-2021


Manya J. (10) – President

Aanvi C. (11) – Vice President

Flora M. (10) – Vice President 

Andy W. (10) – Treasurer

Medina F. (9) – Communications


6th Grade Representatives

  • Rishi A.
  • Ínes B. 
  • Joshua C.
  • Angel L.
  • Alice W.
  • Oliver Z. 


7th Grade Representatives

  • Jayden H.
  • Calvin L.
  • Elaine L.
  • Ella N.


8th Grade Representatives

  • Anna Z.
  • Sally L.
  • Edward Z.
  • Hao An D.N.


9th Grade Representatives

  • Sera B.
  • Pascal W.
  • Belle Y. 


10th Grade Representatives

  • Jerry C. 
  • Makysm X.
  • Cecilia X. 


11th Grade Representatives

  • Mari S.
  • Aralis W.
  • Esther Y. 


12th Grade Representatives

  • Danielle S.
  • Bryan Y.