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China Trips

At Hangzhou International School we believe in the value of experience as a teacher. We also believe that it is important for students to gain an appreciation of China during their time at HIS and Hangzhou. For these reasons, each year we have a “week without walls” experience when Upper School students are allowed to participate in action and service learning in various locations around China.

In addition to seeing different parts of China, we are able to expose students to experiences, places, and activities that they may not normally have otherwise. These are educational trips, designed to push the envelope of learning and understanding. Students will come to better appreciate China’s culture and history, become more culturally aware and sensitive, and understand how they can make a positive impact on China and their world.

Experiential Learning within Hangzhou

Using the rich environmental and commercial opportunities that surround Hangzhou International School, our teachers draw on our parent community and local businesses to provide learning experiences for our students. Through field trips to local museums, artistic exhibitions, and nearby factories, our students have a chance to explore the real-world implications of their content learning. Through lectures and interviews with members of our community, we expose students to possible future careers and interests.