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Grade 10 Inner Mongolia Encounter

The Grade 10 Trip is located in Inner Mongolia.

See the photos from the trip at this linked folder: Grade 10 Inner Mongolia Photos

To access information, updates, and photos from this year's trip, scan the QR code linked below.

The HIS Grade 10 Program is supported by the Karst Climber outdoor education company who provide quality staff, equipment, and locations for student experiential learning.




The Inner Mongolia program runs through a variety of activities and locations, but the final FOCUS of the trip is to raise participants’ awareness of the geographical and cultural landscapes; to understand how the environment has shaped the life of the people in Inner Mongolia in the past, and understand what the future might bring. The nature of the Focus program and the extreme environments make this program suitable to Grades 10.



Image result for inner mongolia desert





Program Schedule: September 16-20

Day 1 - Monday, September 16
Airport Pick-Up
Transfer to Dalad Town (1 h)
Hotel Check-In
Dinner and Program Introduction
Dalad City Hotel

Day 2 - Tuesday, September 17
Mixed breakfast
Transfer to LongTouGuai Desert area (1 h)
Packed lunch
Desert Hiking (1h)
Sand Sliding
Camping (weather dependent) & Camp dinner
Day Review & Stargazing

Day 3 - Wednesday, September 18
Camp breakfast
Navigation & Desert Hike 
Local lunch
Tree planting
BBQ & Local show
Yurt Stay

Day 4 - Thursday, September 19
Mixed Breakfast
Camel Riding & Wrestling
Local Lunch
Inner Mongolian snacks workshop
Transfer to Dalad (1h)
Hotel check-in
Mongolian Hotpot
Day Review
Dalad City Hotel

Day 5 - Friday, September 20
Mixed breakfast
Local School - service visit
Lunch at the school
Tradition Paper Cutting workshop - visit & practice
Transfer to Baotou Airport 
Flight back to Hangzhou


Program Highlights

  • Archery - an informative, hands-on experience, that allows participants the time to test and improve their hand-eye coordination.
  • Desert Activities include hiking, sand sliding, camel rides, wrestling - all fun, enjoyable activities to offer participants a different perspectives on the desert and Mongolian lifestyle. For camel riding and wrestling, participants will be separated in two subgroups, rotating through the activities. Camping (weather permitting) - if weather conditions are good, camping in the desert can be one of the most memorable experiences, with vast open spaces and clear starry skies at night.
  • Navigation - a series of cooperative challenges and enigmas set in the desert , that need solving in small teams.
  • Sustainable Ecosystems and Renewable Energy in the Desert -- desertification is a hot topic with the recent rising temperatures; participants can learn more, in the field, about problems and solutions. In the event weather is too cold to plant trees, participants can learn more and experiment with renewable sources of energy.
  • Local School Visit - part of the process of better understanding the everyday life of people in the deserts of Inner Mongolia, student to student interactions and activities will be organised.
  • Traditional Paper Cutting Workshop - in the nearby provinces, paper cutting is a well established art and, unsurprisingly, it made it’s way into Inner Mongolia too; the workshop we will visit will introduce participants to the art of it and a few basic techniques. Chinese paper cutting is listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.



Food & Accommodation
Catered food - participants will experience a mix of local Mongolian cuisine and other, more standard dishes. Food will be catered by various providers, already experiences in dealing with traveling groups. Menus and venues will be selected by Karst to ensure hygiene, variety, good nutritional value and respecting any dietary restrictions. Breakfasts are supplemented by Karst Climber with items most students would be familiar with (toast, eggs, bacon, cereals & milk). During activity days, snacks, fruit and water are provided to keep the energy level high.

Accommodation is provided in three different locations during this trip.
The Dalad City Hotel is in the mid-upper range of hotels, with comfortable rooms for the first and last night stay..
Camping (weather dependent) - camping in the desert will be run in an organised setting with basic camping facilities. Camping in the desert is weather dependent and will be replaced with Yurt stay or hotel stay in the event of bad weather.
The Yurt Stay - covers the very basic necessities, and will have 4-5 participants sharing a Yurt.


Longtouguai ( part of the Kubuqi desert) - Dalad Qi , Ordos , Inner Mongolia
XiangShaWan - Dalad Qi, Ordos, Inner Mongolia.





Grade 10 Inner Mongolia Photos 2017-2018

Grade 10 Inner Mongolia 2018-2019