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Grade 10 Xianju Trip

The grade 10 trip will go travel to Xianju, in Zhejiang Province. The trip will be supported by Karst Climbers as trip providers. 


Xianju County, subordinate to Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, is located in the southeast of Zhejiang Province and the west of Taizhou city.  It is 214km from Hangzhou.

It is the pilot county of "National Park" in China and the source of Mother River (Yong'an River Lingjiang River Jiaojiang River) in Taizhou city.

History & Culture

Since ancient times, Xianju is an ancient city with a long history and culture, outstanding people. Xianju is the hometown of Xiang Si, a famous poet in the late Tang Dynasty, Chen Renyu, the author of the world's first edible fungus monograph fungus spectrum in the Song Dynasty, Ke Jiusi, a great calligrapher of poetry, calligraphy, and painting in the Yuan Dynasty, and Wu Shilai, the imperial censor of Zuodu in the Ming Dynasty. Xianju has a profound cultural heritage. There are Xiatang cultural relics more than 7000 years ago, tadpole writing, a famous historical and cultural town in China, Potan ancient town, the first dragon-shaped ancient street in East China, Tongjiang academy, the ancient Yue writing in the spring and Autumn period, and so on.

Topographic Features

There are 109 peaks above 1000 meters above sea level in Xianju County. Yongan river flows from west to east. The terrain of Xianju County inclines from the outside to the inside and slightly to the East. There are valleys and basins of different sizes and scattered in between.

Climatic characteristics

Xianju County has a subtropical monsoon climate. The annual frost-free period is about 240 days. The rainfall is abundant. The annual average precipitation is about 2000 mm, showing a bimodal distribution. The front peak is Meiyu, and the back peak is autumn rain.

Danzhu Forest Park 

Phyllostachys pubescens virgin forest is one of the largest subtropical Virgin Valley evergreen broad-leaved forest reserves in China. It is located in the southwest of Xianju County, 50 kilometers away from the county seat. It is one of the core scenic spots of Xianju national key scenic spot.

Shenxianju Jingqu 

On the north and south sides of the scenic spot, there is the scenery of Jiangnan gorge, with forests and springs. The scenic spot is famous for its unique rocks, majestic waterfalls, secluded valleys, dense caves, clear water, and beautiful fog. There are thousands of peaks and magnificent weather. 

Potan Ancient Town 

Potan ancient town is located in Potan Township, Xianju County, 25 kilometers away from Xianju County. It has a history of thousands of years. It used to be a canal thoroughfare, a wharf, and an important place for salt transportation and trade. Now there is a long cobble paved "dragon" shaped street in the ancient town. Along the cobble paved ancient street, you can get to the academy art villa, ancestral temple, ancient residence, telephone office, pawnshop, and gambling house. It is said that on both sides of the three-mile-long Dragon Street are ancient houses left over from Tang, song, yuan, Ming, Qing, and the Republic of China.



Grade 10 Itinerary

Day 1: Monday, May 17

Day 1*
Transfer to Xianju (9:00-12:00)
Check in Hotel
Meal @ Hotel
Drive to Botan ancient town
Introduction to the Team and Program
Scavenger Hunt at ancients town & Handy craft
Dinner at Botan Ancient Town
Back to Hotel (Junlan hotel below)


Day 2:  Tuesday, May 18

Going to Shenxianju scenic (north gate)
Hiking up to the mountain & enjoy the high view
Cab car sending back to south gate
Lunch at hotel 
Back to hotel
Hotel Dinner 
Outdoor Movie


Day 3, Wednesday, May 19

Mixed breakfast 
Drive to Danzhu forest park
Pack Lunch
Cloth change near by bus parking lot
Local Dinner


Day 4:  Thursday, May 20

Mixed breakfast 
Check Out with activity needs drive to activities 
Biking / Rafting  (2 groups)
Local Chinese lunch
Rafting/ Biking  (2 groups switch)
Hotel  Dinner
Day 5: Friday, May 21


Farming @botan ancient town
Trip  debrief
Bus back to school @13:30


The group will stay in one hotel for the whole trip. The hotel in the Shenxianju scenic area. It is like a retreat. It is close to the activity spot in day 2&3.

Junlan Hotel


The group will travel from HIS to Xianju via bus both ways. The bus will leave from HIS on Monday at 9:15 am, returning between 5:00 - 6:00 pm on Friday evening.



Breakfast will be in the hotel, mixed breakfast, And lunch & dinner will be arrange in local restaurant and hotel.

Snack & fruit: Karst staff will have daily fruit from local fresh markets, some cookies and dry fruit for hiking days.

Activity Overviews

Scavenger Hunt at Botan Ancient Town: Visit the ancient town through a page of photo hunt, and find out answer for interesting culture questions. This activity will make the students have a chance to connect with locals and knows the local culture and history through an interesting challenge.

Via-feratta: Located 5mins walk from hotel and in the Shenxianju park.  The group will be visitng a climbing facility set up on the mountain and climbing with harness and helmet. Whole group climbing together through a climbing routes. 

Hiking to Shenxianju Scenic Area: Hiking up to the mountain about 30mins, then will have bridges, mountain side walking trails link the mountains. After enjoy the top mountain landscape. We will heading down to anther gate by cab car.

Hiking in Danzhu Forest Park: Hiking trail is rock made trail, not quite have slope or steep, almost flat. 2.5km hiking trail to the deep of the forest park from bus parking.

Canyoning in Danzhu Forest Park: Canyoning is the best way to enjoy the clean stream, water goes down by the rock trail from the valley, our group will hiking back wards from the bottom to the top. The whole river is about 3km, we will choose part of the river to hike then spend some chill time at the water fall.

Biking: Xianju has famous biking trail in whole china. More than 400km biking trail along the beautiful river to Danzhu forest, we choose from Xianju town Yongan park to Danzhu direction, about 40 km biking.

Rafting: Bamboo rafting in Yong’an River is peaceful and enjoyable. We will let our group help rafting to the end, the local Fagong will be on the boat to provide help.

Farming: Helping the local villagers with their family farms. We could bring all the sweet potato back.

Contact Information:

HIS Faculty Team:

  • Mr. Aaron Foster:
  • Ms. Jamie Sanchez:
  • Mr. Daniel Spinks:

Karst Climber Staff

  • Ginger: 18690612955
  • Ben
  • Wang Zi Chao