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Grade 6 Qiandaohu Experience


Qiandaohu Grade 6 Trip is located Zhejiang Province, at the Thousand Island Lake not far from Hangzhou.

The HIS Grade 6 Program is supported by the Karst Climber outdoor education company who provide quality staff, equipment, and locations for student experiential learning.


The grade 6 trip will begin with one day at HIS where teachers will organize activities and provide overviews. The students will spend 4 days and 3 nights away from 16 September - 20 September.

Qiandaohu (Thousand Island Lake) is an area conveniently located near Hangzhou. The site is quiet and scenic with facilities and infrastructure to accommodate small to mid-sized groups and makes for a great introduction to outdoor trips.


See photos posted from the Grade 6 Trip here. 













The layout and variety of activities make Qiandaohu suitable for short trips for Grade 6 participants. The TRY programs are great for building confidence in the outdoors, leaning basic new skills and especially working on team building, problem solving, support and acceptance.




Day 1 - September 16

  • Arrive at HIS
  • Activity on / off campus during the day
  • Activity arranged by HIS teachers TBD
  • Students transfer home at 3pm by bus or walking


Day 2 - September 17

  • Transfer Hangzhou- Qiandaohu (1 hour by train)
  • Greetings, Introductions
  • Ice breakers & Team Games
  • Camp Set-up skills & Dinner Camp Cooking


Day 2 - September 18

  • Mixed Breakfast
  • Rafts building Design Project- multi layered activity
  • Packed lunch
  • High Ropes Elements
  • Hotel Dinner
  • Group meeting


Day 4 - September 19
Mixed Breakfast
Kayaking / Biking Activities
Biking / Kayaking Activities
Group Meeting
Hotel Stay

Day 5 - September 20
Mixed Breakfast
Final Team Relay / Hiking Activity
Return to Hangzhou (1 hour by train)



Program Highlights


  • Team Games and Ice Breakers - best done upon arrival, for instructors and participants to get familiar with one another, stretch after the long drive and have some fun.
  • Hiking - a relatively short but intense hike, with uphills, downhills, single trails and a good forest to pass through, it offers a good variety of educational moments where participants can practice and apply school-learnt science knowledge.
  • Raft Building & Design Activity - an extended activity where the groups have to use creativity, artistic talent, marketing and economic skills plus some smart design to build functional, efficient equipment. This activity will be assessed using the MYP Design criteria.
  • Rope Course- a series of rope challenges for individuals and groups. While they are personal challenges , for each individual to overcome their limitations, to stay focused and problem solve, a big emphasis is put on peer support.
  • Team Relay - at the end of the program, this is a good opportunity to bring it all together and apply all the experiences from the past few days. Teams will be encouraged to do their best, stay positive and supportive , express good sportsmanship and most of all have fun.
  • Rafting / Cooking activity - an easy but exciting white water rafting experience (conditions dependent) or a workshop cooking local snacks and treats that the group can take away for the bus ride back to school.
  • Camp Set-up skills - students will learn how to set up tents and sleep in the outdoors. 
  • Campfire cooking - students will be able to make and cook their own dinners using items provided by the Karst program. These can be both vegetarian and meat options


Food & Accommodation
Catered food - food is provided at the hotel’s restaurant and Karst will make sure to choose a menu that offers variety and a good nutritional value for young children. Most of the items are Chinese cuisine representatives. Breakfasts are supplemented by Karst Climber with items most students would be familiar with ( toast, eggs, bacon, cereals & milk).

During activity days, snacks, fruit and water are provided to keep the energy levels high.

Hotel - accommodation is provided within walking distance to most activities; The hotel is relatively new, they are in the mid range category and allows participants a comfortable stay for the program, with a good meeting and dining space.

HIS Teacher Chaperones

  • Mr. Alex May (
  • Mrs. Nora May (
  • Ms. Jenny Wang (
  • Mrs. Katherine Foster (
  • Mr. Philip Bistretzan (
  • Ms. Natalie Stowell (

Karst Climber Staff Contact information

  • Ben 15697733432
  • Ginger 18690612955

High Speed Train to Qiandaohu is 1 hour






Grade 6 Trip Photos 2016-2017