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Grade 7 Nanbeihu Trip

The Grade 7 trip is located in Zhejiang province, Nanbeihu.

The HIS Grade 7 Program is supported by the Karst Climber outdoor education company who provide quality staff, equipment, and locations for student experiential learning.

Nanbeihu Location Information

Nanbeihu is the only scenic area in China integrating mountain, sea and lake. It is located in the Haiyan County on the northern shore of Hangzhou Bay, and was one of the first provincial scenic areas in Zhejiang. Nanbei Lake, also called Yong’an Lake, became a famous tourist place in the Song Dynasty. Nanbeihu is located in the central area of the Yangtze River Delta. Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway.

Nanbeihu is a classic  when it comes to introduction to overnight trips away from home.  The centre has all the activities located in the vicinity of the hotel, within walking distance or a short drive.

A multitude of fun activities, all rather short, to keep the participants engaged and excited.

The Nanbeihu trips are recommended for Grades 4 to 7, and can last from 2 days ( 1 night)  to 5 days ( 4 nights), and are great for building confidence in the outdoors, leaning basic new skills and especially working on team building, Challenge, support and acceptance.



You can access the updates and photos for the 2019 trip to Yangshuo through the OneDrive folders. Grade 7 Yangshuo Photos 

Schedule Information

Day 1 - May 17

  • Transfer to Nanbeihu site (2 hours by bus)
  • Ice breakers & Games
  • Lunch in the hotel
  • Introductions & Program -Expectations
  • Team Games (Our first day is focused on getting comfortable with a new environment and with working as a team)
  • Camp set-up skills - setting up tents, outdoor living activities
  • Camp Dinner - self-cooking dinner on campfire
  • Campfire
  • Camping in tents (Tents provided by Karst Climbers)

Day 2 - May 18

  • Stretches & Breakfast at campsite
  • Climbing & Abseil practice (two groups, will switch activities after lunch)
  • Check in at hotel (Hu Guang Shan Ju Hotel)
  • Lunch @ hotel
  • Refresh 
  • Climbing & Abseil practice
  • Dinner at Hotel
  • Group Meeting  Talent show practice / Journal
  • Bedtime

Day 3 - May 19

  • Stretches & Breakfast
  • Camp clean up
  • High Ropes Activities : leap of faith & Climbing ladder
  • Hiking
  • Local Lunch
  • Biking Activity (bicycles and helmets provided by Karst Climbers)
  • Dinner 
  • Group meet and Talent show Performance 
  • Hotel stay - Hu Guang Shan Ju Hotel

Day 4 - May 20

  • Stretches & Breakfast
  • Team Initiatives for Catapult Building & Auction
  • Catapult Building Design, Execution & Testing
  • Lunch @ Hotel restaurant 
  • Service: Visit old people’s nursing home to share games and stories
  • BBQ Dinner near Hotel 
  • Group meeting
  • Hotel stay - Hu Guang Shan Ju Hotel

Day 5 - May 21

  • Stretches & Breakfast  luggage load on bus
  • Kayaking at the lake / biking on trail - optional activity
  • Shower at hotel
  • Lunch
  • Final Teams Relay
  • Group Departure 15:00 - return to HIS around 17:00




The hotel where students will be staying is named: Huguanshanju Resort in Haiyan Nanbeihu.

In Nanbei Lake scenic spot, Kanpu Town, Haiyan, Zhejiang, the hotel is located on the edge of the north and South Lake, built on the mountain, overlooking the north and South Lake. The hotel is conveniently located. There are 100 rooms in the hotel.

For the convenience of management, boys' and girls' rooms will be divided into floors or section arrangements, and the teacher is responsible for the management. Karst staff will also stay on different floors of the same hotel.

Food during the trip 

Hotel Restaurant conditions are good quality.  The hotel can provide Chinese and western buffet breakfast service and quality dinner. There will be vegetarian options available on this trip for those requesting vegetarian menu. 

  • Breakfast at the Huguanshanju Hotel (one morning Camp Breakfast)
  • Lunch / Dinner - at the hotel restaurant (one night of camp cooking / BBQ dinner)



  • School bus transport
  • Two hours from HIS (96km)

Activities Overview

Team Games: Good games will create a strong team! We carefully select the most appropriate team building games for the most desired outcome. We ensure a learning outcome is achieved. The first day is focused on getting comfortable with a new environment and working as a team.

Climbing / Abseiling activities: These activities will challenge the mind and the body by encouraging students to foster self confidence. Teammates will be on the side cheering on their friends as the whole team experiences the crazy activities by the rocks. 

Camping / Cooking Activities: We will provide camping tents and teach students how to set up the tents. The staff will also help prepare food for the students and teach the students about outdoor living.  We will have a campfire and play some games as we look up to the stars.  

High Ropes Course:  The leap of faith always brings students closer as they cheer on their buddies to take a fantastic leap into the air.  Always with safety in mind, students are always secured to a harness and under constant supervision by a trained professional.  The climbing ladder is a similar situation but puts students into a race by having them climb a giant floating ladder. 

Design Project: The Design project will be building a catapult. Catapult building will be near the hotel on a grassy site that is within walking distance from the hotel. We will use long bamboo sticks and rope to construct our catapults. Our guides will teach students rope skills and give them a general idea on how a good catapult might work.  After that, its up to the students to create a masterpiece. They will have some time to create.  And then, we will have a water balloon battle with our Catapults!

Kayaking / Biking activities: Kayaking will take place in the lake nearby the hotel. We will play some water games. Everyone will be supervised and will wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device). We also have an optional activity of Biking. There is a biking trail nearby.

Contact information

Karst Climber Contact

Ginger Xue: 18690612955