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Grade 7 Yangshuo Design Project

The Grade 7 trip is located in Yangshuo, Guangxi province.

You can access the updates and photos for the trip through the WeChat group for 2019 or online here. Grade 7 Yangshuo Photos 

The HIS Grade 7 Program is supported by the Karst Climber outdoor education company who provide quality staff, equipment, and locations for student experiential learning.

As a trip, this is a design and cultural program that aims to offer participants with the opportunity to experience and apply acquired skills into a design project. Our program will promote and provide opportunities for self-management, research, communication, critical and creative thinking, in addition with a strong focus in collaboration skills. Our aim is to facilitate the perfect balance of FUN and LEARNING in our trips, so we can provide our participants with a fully engaging experiential adventure. We believe that the combination of these elements will strengthen and develop their interests in lifelong learning with a positive and inquiring attitude.




Day 1 - Monday, Sept. 16

  • Flight from Hangzhou to Guilin
  • Airport Transfer to Hotel
  • Bamboo Workshop / Fan Painting activity
  • Dinner
  • Project Planning

Day 2 – Tuesday, Sept. 17

  • Breakfast
  • Team Building Activities
  • Raft Building Project
  • Lunch
  • Raft Design Project
  • Dinner at Hotel

Day 3 – Wednesday, Sept. 18

  • Breakfast
  • Kayaking
  • Lunch
  • Cooking School
  • Dinner at the Cooking School

Day 4 – Thursday, Sept. 19

  • Breakfast
  • Caving
  • Lunch
  • Climbing
  • BBQ Dinner & Bonfire

Day 5 – Friday, Sept. 20

  • Morning Mountain Sunrise & Hiking
  • Breakfast
  • Travel to Guilin Airport & Return to Hangzhou




Program Highlights

Hiking - We will visit the most iconic geographical mark of Yangshuo, Moon Hill. Surrounded by bamboo trees and beautiful views, the hill has its mark at the top with its geographical crazy formations. If you are lucky, you may see some climbers hanging on the arch!

Rock Climbing - We have our goals set for the week. It’s time to have some FUN and a bit of personal CHALLENGE. The mental and the physical comes together, individually and working as a team. Push your limits rock climbing and learn how to be responsible when you belay. Safety, first! We will teach you how to climb, how to communicate with your climbing partner and how to tide your knots! Of course, only at the bottom!

Bamboo Raft Building & Race - We are going to a little island and we need to make a boat! It’s time for a little team building challenge, but we want to have some FUN! Action packed activity which incorporates strategy, invention, teamwork and a lot of fun. Ready to show off all your knowledge and design skills to make a solid, and good-looking! bamboo raft.

Caving  -

Moon Cave is not a cave, it’s an underground breath-taking experience. Far from the touristic luminous and crowded caves, here you are for a proper ancient cave that talks through its stalactites, stalagmites and impressive dark chambers. Torches, sandals and helmets on! We are in for another adventure!

Cooking School -- Students will learn how to make some of the tasty local dishes they have tasted during the trip. Their outdoor experience will help them learn how to cook like a local.

Food & Accommodation


Food: KarstClimber provides healthy food that is a blend between Chinese and Western meals, balanced to provide energy and opportunities to try the local flavors. Students will be encouraged to stay hydrated and drink water regularly. Snacks and meals will be a mix of hot meals and activity-based meals.

Accommodation - We always search for real places with local flavor, but we want our participants to be comfortable and rest! Yangshuo Hotel is a quality location and venue for the students' experiences.






HIS Teacher Chaperones

  • Mr. Chaddwick Plotz (
  • Mrs. Suzanne Brown (
  • Ms. Amber Zhu (
  • Mr. Zachary Baker (






Grade 7 Yangshuo Trip 2018-2019