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Grade 8 Daishan Trip

The Grade 8 trip is located in Zhejiang province, in the Daishan Islands.

The HIS Grade 8 Program is supported by the Karst Climber outdoor education company who provide quality staff, equipment, and locations for student experiential learning.

Daishan Island, Zhoushan Islands, Zhejiang Province

The group of islands offers opportunities for relaxation, interactions with the local fishing culture and a great setting for diving into the challenges of sustainable development  and climate change impact.

Through comparative analysis between various degrees of development in the area and the impact of fish farming, we want to allow participants to observe, process and form their own ideas on mitigating climate change, all in the charming setting of the seaside and various  local life.  All activities and sites are within 25 minutes driving, or boat ride, from the hotel.

 Daishan Island Views



Detailed Schedule Information

Day 1 Activities: Monday, May 17

Leave HIS early morning - 4 hour bus trip to Daishan Islands
Arrival at Zhoushan Daishan Island
Lunch @ Daishan
Hiking Moxingshan *
Program Intro, Expectations & Goals set-up
Ice breaking Team games
Camping & Star gazing
Bonfire & Camping

Moxing mountain is the highest point in Daishan islands. Short and easy mountain hiking will encourage the group and enjoy the high view of the island. 

Camping will be near the beach, on a wood ground.  The direction face on east, sun rise on the sea level.

Day 2 Activities: Tuesday, May 18
Sunrise & Camp clean-up and Breakfast
Island Biking & Fishing History museum visit
Lunch en Route
Island Biking & Typhoon museum visit
Check-in Hotel
Movie time
Kaiyuan Hotel


Day 3 Activities: Wednesday, May 19
Fishing / Beach activity
Beach activity / Fishing
Dinner with dishes of fishing
Kite Design & Making


 Day 4 Activities: Thursday, May 20
Outdoor Survival
Tree planting & Beach clean
Dinner -BBQ
Trip finishing meeting
Kaiyuan Hotel


Day 5 Activities: Friday, May 21

Check-out hotel and luggage on the bus
Beach Kite Flying & Trainer kites practice
Bus back to Hangzhou (4 hours)

Packing List for Daishan Trip



Day 1: Camping at Daishan Beach


Day 2 - 4:  Hotel

Kaiyuan Hotel 
TEL: +86-(0580)7336666
ADRESS: 80 Xianzhou Road, Gaoting Town, Daishan County, Zhoushan City, China



Transport from HIS campus to Daishan Island: Bus (4 hour journey - 242 km distance) 


Meals / Food

Day 1: Camping dinner and breakfast, will be provided by a local restaurant.  Daily mixed breakfast and Chinese lunch and dinner will be provided in the hotel restaurant.

Vegetarian options available upon request. 

Snacks & fruits, will be provided daily by KARST staff 

Water station will be supplied on every activity site. Extra snacks will be offered to students for hiking.

Activity Overviews

Hiking to Moxing Mountain: Moxing mountain is the highest point in Daishan islands. Short and easy mountain hiking will active the group and enjoy the high view of the island. 

Camping at Daishan beach: Camping will be near the beach, on a wood ground. The direction face on east, sun rise on the sea level.

Biking the Island: Biking is a best way to view the island. Most part has special biking trail, part of the routes will be in the road side along protected pathways.

Fishing Culture Experience: For about 2 hours students will have fishing experience on local boats. The caught fish can be cooked for the students by local restaurant or sold in local market. The whole activity will have PFD on.

Kite Design Activity: Groups will be provided bamboo stakes, water proof papers and paints, to design and  make their own kite. Groups will then test and fly kites. Team work and creativity  are the goals of the activity.

Outdoor Survival Course: Some basic survival  skills will be taught  to students. They will learn to build  shelter  house. For this activity, some limited  materials and tools will be provided. Students will discuss and design their  own shelter  house. After that, a presentation will be given to the public by each group. Overcoming the difficult situations is not trying again, but also realizing  we have choices, what is in our control and using this in decision making.

Tree Planting: The main goal of this activity is to help the local environment.

Sandy Beach Kite Flying: Sandy beach  Kite flying is a very popular activity in Daishan islands. Trainer kites practice, these specially designed kites are equipped with simple functions. They usually feature the bridle, the kite lines, and the control bar.  And that's all you need to ride a kite for the first time. The good news is that you will never hurt yourself because you won't be wearing a harness and alway has an instructor follow support. If you feel uncomfortable or can't handle a strong gust off wind, just let go of the control bar, and you'll be safe.

Contact Information

HIS Faculty Team:

  • Mr. Chaddwick Plotz:
  • Mr. Andrew Brown:
  • Ms. Amber Zhu:
  • Ms. Patricia Long:


  • Ginger: 18690612955
  • Tonton
  • James