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Grade 9 Ninghai Trip

Grade 9 Ninghai Trip is located in Ninghai, Zhejiang Province. The trip is supported by the Karst Climbers trip providers.

Ninghai is a county area outside of Ningbo in eastern Zhejiang Province. It has access to natural parks, mountains, and historic towns. 

Ninghai boasts Nanxi hot spring as one of the three best hot springs in the nation.  A national forest park, deep gorges in east Zhejiang, the Liantou Mountain and a number of antique buildings in the town of Qiantong make worthy scenic spots, where culture and nature combine.

Qiantong is one of the most ancient towns with Confucian culture in eastern Zhejiang.  The ancient residences all feature unique tall horse-head walls, painted pillars and carved beams and people can access water from channels in front of houses. The academies, ancestral halls, pavilions and archways are also preserved well. The thousand-year-old trees, a magic medicinal spring, a folklore museum, and Lianghuang Mountain as the first place recorded in Xu Xiake’s novel, add more charm to this village.


Detailed Itinerary for Grade 9 Ninghai Trip

Day 1:  Monday, May 17


Bus to Ninghai - 3 hours
Train Station to Ninghai Hotel
Lunch at Hotel
Team game @ Qianxi Shanzhuang 
Program Intro, Expectations & Goals set-up
Kaiyuan Hotel



Day 2:  Tuesday, May 18


Hotel breakfast
Kayaking @ Huchen base camp
Local lunch
Qiantong ancient town scavenge hunt
Evening reviews & Journal
Kaiyuan Hotel


Day 3:  Wednesday, May 19


Mix Breakfast 
Hiking (Dujuanshan)
Hiking (Xujiashan)
Hiking to campsite(Xujiashan)


Day 4: Thursday, May 20

Camping breakfast & Camp- clear
Bus to Forest park
Local meal
Hot spring 
Evening Reviews
Kaiyuan Hotel



Day 5: Friday, May 21


Hotel breakfast
Tea Leaves picking
Lunch at Local
Bus back to Hangzhou


  • Bus from Hangzhou to Ninghai (return)


Hotel: Kaiyuan Hotel
TEL: +86-574-65180888
ADRESS: No.2, QIHANG Road, Binhai New Area, Ninghai, Zhejiang, China



Except the camping dinner and breakfast, the rest of the trip will consist of breakfast in the hotel as a mixed breakfast. Lunch & dinner will be arranged in local restaurants and hotel. Karst staff will have daily fruit from local fresh markets or gardens, as well as some cookies and dry fruit for hiking day.

Food while Hiking and Camping: Where we are camping is near a village which has some restaurants and small shops. The group will have packed food for a hiking lunch.  Local dinner will be supplied by a restaurant. Camping breakfast will have simple supply by local restaurant, like boiled egg and steamed sweet potato, and hot water.  Our team will have bread, milk, tea & coffee supply.

Activity overview

Team Games: Good games will create a strong team! We carefully select the most appropriate team building games for the most desired outcome. We ensure a learning outcome is achieved. The first day is focused on getting comfortable with a new environment and working as a team.

Kayaking: Kayaking is in the river, with slow flowing water.  Double and single kayaks available.

Qiantong Scavenger Hunt: The visit to Qiantong ancient town is design as a scavenger hunt, encouraging students to find out answers to interesting culture and history questions, at their own pace. It will also allow the groups to interact with the local community.

Hiking: The route will be: Miaoxiang temple - Dujuan mountain - Wangshe - Wajiaotou - Xujiashan, with a total length of about 15 km. This route is a relatively easy part of Ninghai National Trail, with beautiful scenery and some ancient villages. The whole route includes sand road, stone steps and cement road. You can see it while walking, and you can finish the whole journey. We will carry daily hiking stuff and a sleeping bag, the rest camping gear (tent, mat) will be provide by the camping site owner.

Camping: Camping will be on the end of hiking trail. The tent and mat will be already there, sleeping bag will provide from karst, the group will pack in the morning before hiking, so we will be hiking with daily hiking bag, carrying a sleeping bag.

Hot Springs: After hiking, the group can rest muscles and clean up in the hot springs. You will need a swim suit. It's a good idea to bring a quick dry towel just in case. 

Tea Leaves Picking & Tea Cooking: The students will have a tea leaves picking for 1.5 hours, then the local tea master will teaching tea cooking use the leaves picking from students. Then each of us will have a bag of tea as a gift.

Grade 9 Ninghai Packing List 

Contact Information

HIS Faculty Team

  • Ms. Suzanne Brown:
  • Mr. Alex Goh:
  • Mr. Filipe Nogueira:


Karst Staff Team

  • Ginger: 18690612955
  • Jerry
  • Yijie