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Information for Delegates

Delegate Information


Thank you for your interest in our conference. 

On this page you will find useful information and documents related to the conference.

Resolution Format​

Delegates, please use the following information to put your resolution into the correct format. Be aware that you will merge your resolution with those of other countries. If three or four countries each have a half-page resolution, their final product will be longer than one page and might even be too long. In other words, quality is better than quantity. A half-page resolution that contains solid facts is better then two full pages of clauses that lack real facts.

This is an excerpt from the conference handbook. The digital copy will be available on this website very soon. 

Resolutions should be produced in Times New Roman 12-point font with single spacing. The instructions below assume the use of Microsoft Word to format the resolution. Please choose A4 size paper in the Page Setup option (look in the File drop-down menu) and keep 1” margins.


The following headings should be listed in the upper left-hand corner, each on a separate line and in order: Forum, Question of, and Delegation.

The name of forum, the issue, and delegation name should each be set off by two spaces from the heading.
The topic should be identified using the same wording as found on the relevant page in the website.

The resolution is one long, grammatically-correct and logical sentence. Its subject is the name of the forum or body which is proposing the resolution. This is written on the second line following the delegation name, in uppercase letters and followed by a comma.

Preambulatory Clauses

Preambulatory clauses are capitalized but not numbered or indented. Each preambulatory clause begins with a present or past participle or an adjective, and these words should be underlined (see example below). 

Preambulatory clauses are separated from each other by a comma and a line-space.

Operative Clauses

Each operative clause is numbered and capitalized. Operative clauses, sub-clauses, and sub-sub-clauses are indented one tab stop. Sub-clauses are labeled with a lower-case letter. Sub-sub-clauses, if needed, can be labeled with a lower-case Roman numeral.

Each operative clause begins with a 3rd person singular verb of the present tense, and these words should be underlined (see example below). Operative clauses are separated from each other by a semi-colon and a line-space. The final operative clause ends in a period.

Sub-clauses are listed following a colon. They are written on separate lines without any punctuation or line-spacing separating them. The final subclause is followed by a semi-colon.

Sub-sub-clauses are also listed in the same way as sub-clauses: following a colon, on separate lines with no punctuation other than a semi-colon at the end of the last sub-sub-clause in the list.

A sample of a properly formatted resolution:


Appendix A: Introductory Phrases for Resolutions

​The following lists were taken from Williams, D.L. and Stein, I. Uniting the Nations through Model United Nations 2006, International Youth Support, and from Endless, B. and Wolfe, A. Model UN “in a box” 2006, American United Nations Publications. 

Further examples can be found in UN resolutions.

Words and phrases to introduce Preamble Clauses:

Preamble Clauses


Words and phrases to introduce Operative Clauses:


Sample Speeches & Notepaper

Below are speeches written by Gary Xia and Kevin Wang for previous conferences.

If anyone else would like to contribute an opening statement from a past conference, please send it to the conference leaders: We will post it here to help other delegates prepare for the conference.

Opening Speech-ACAMMUN for Jordan, Environment

SHAMUN Conference

Here is a sample piece of notepaper that you can use. If you want to embellish it, you can add your country flag, a small map, or a national symbol.

Sample notepaper