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Community Updates

Last updated August 19, 2023

Dear HIS Families,

Welcome to the 2023-24 school year at Hangzhou International School (HIS).  The New HIS campus is ready to receive over 900 students in just a few days. Our school first opened its doors in 2002 and since that time has experienced phenomenal success. On the first day of school, August 30, we celebrate our 21st birthday, and enter our 22nd year in Hangzhou. A dynamic international community of teachers, students and parents, great facilities and resources, and a holistic approach to teaching has propelled us to the forefront of education in Hangzhou. As the only internationally accredited WASC and fully authorized 3-program IB World school in Zhejiang Province, HIS is proud to be offering its unique and outstanding opportunities for the international community of Hangzhou.  Once again, welcome to a new school year at HIS!

HIS is and always has been a community-centered school, and through our growth and change, we have kept this core identity in ensuring our students have a caring and safe environment to learn a very challenging and rigorous curriculum. The HIS Board of Directors recognizes this unique schooling environment within the school mission statement:

HIS Mission Statement

We provide international learners with opportunities

to pursue academic and personal excellence

within a caring community. 

The HIS learning environment has a unique combination of internationalism, strong academics, varied arts and activities, caring atmosphere, and personalized approach that make us successful.

Our key schoolwide learning outcomes are known as the General Learning Targets (GLTs).  GLTs are what we want ALL students to know and be able to do.

HIS General Learning Targets

A Solid Foundation of Knowledge

Effective Communication

High-Level Thinking

Positive Behaviors and Approaches to Learning

International Mindedness and Community Appreciation 

New Administration and Faculty

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new administrative position and the promotion of Dr. Aaron Ayers as Deputy Superintendent of School with main responsibilities in the areas of student support services, educational technology, accreditation, and innovation, in addition to help the Superintendent of Schools with other macrolevels of school supervision.  Joining our schoolwide administration will be Ms. Lily Wu, who will serve as our Director of Finance.  We are also very appreciative to have an experienced Marketing Manager, Ms. Chantelle Nguyen, joining the Admissions & School-Community Relations department.  Joining the Lower School Administration, we are grateful to have Ms. Jessica Johnson as our new Vice-Principal & PYP Coordinator, and Dr. Rene Smal as our new Vice-Principal & ECE Coordinator.  We have an additional 38 full-time professional faculty joining us for the 2023-24 school year, with additional expertise in the areas of educational technology, robotics, programming, student support, design technology, music/choir, and dance. 

New HIS Campus Capital Projects

In addition to annual maintenance and facility updates, over the summer we made significant improvement to the Lower School playgrounds, added a beautiful dance studio, improve the acoustics in the ECE gym, ECE and Main campus cafeterias, and the upper school Design and Visual Arts spaces.  We also added some common seating areas to our Main Campus entrances in anticipation of greater parent access to support schooling within HIS grounds.

HIS First Member School of Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN)

HIS is the first Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) member school in the world.  Safe Passage membership is a process that ensures we meet the highest standards in providing support for families in transition.  This includes support for new families, long-time community members, leaving families, and families who have already left HIS.

Open House and New Family Orientation

New Family Orientation will be conducted on the morning of Tuesday morning, August 22.  At 1:00pm that afternoon, the campus will be open to all HIS families to visit.  The first semester and first day of school officially begins on Wednesday morning, August 23, 2023, our 21st Birthday.

Below, I would like to introduce you to our administrative team for the 2023-24 academic year. I would like to welcome Ms. Johnson as our new Lower School Vice-Principal & PYP Coordinator, Mrs. Smal as our new Lower School Vice-Principal & ECE Coordinator, and Chantelle Nguyen as our new Marketing Manager.  I am very pleased to be working with such an outstanding group of educators who bring both experience and energy to our school.



Email Address


Mr. Jeffry Stubbs

Superintendent of School


Dr. Aaron Ayers

Deputy Superintendent of School



Mr. Fursey Gotuaco

Upper School Principal


Dr. Monica Prieto

Upper School Vice-Principal

& DP Coordinator



Mr. Liam O’Shea

Upper School Vice-Principal

& MYP Coordinator



Ms. Lynn Pendleton

Lower School Principal



Ms. Jessica Johnson

Lower School Vice-Principal (Curriculum) & PYP Coordinator



Dr. Rene Smal

Lower School Vice-Principal (Curriculum) & ECE Coordinator



Mr. Danie de Beer

Director of Technology



Mr. Filipe Nogueira

Director of Athletics and Activities



Ms. Andrea Stubbs

Director of Admissions & Community Relations




Ms. Chantelle Nguyen

Marketing Manager


In addition to our New Family Orientation/Open House events, you will be receiving more specific details from your child(ren)’s Principals and classroom teachers/grade level advisors through about the start of 2023-24 school year. The information that follows is meant to assist you with the start of the academic year:

Success at HIS is Based on a Foundation of Quality Relationships

The success of Hangzhou International school has been built upon the strong, quality relationships formed within our school community. Time and time again, new families have come to our school because of positive referrals from returning families. Ultimately, our hope is that your child’s time at HIS will be the best schooling experience they will have in their lifetime, and that your family’s time in our school community will be a memorable one. We look forward to your active involvement in your child’s education. 

Parents and Friends Association (PAFA) Meeting

The first meeting for the Parents and Friends Association of HIS will be held shortly after the start of the year. Further information about Parents and Friends Association (PAFA) and plans for the school 2023-24 school year will be sent out soon.

School Uniforms

All students are required to wear a school uniform. One uniform/PE set is included in the tuition and can be collected in the Dragon Shop (uniform store). Additional uniform items and dragon spirit merchandise may be purchased in the Dragon Shop located at the entrance to the Main Campus. The Dragon Shop will be open to parents from 8:15am – 4:00pm to parents during the school year (students will be able to access the store earlier).

HIS ID Cards

VERY IMPORTANT: All adults are required to wear ID Cards and students wear uniforms while on campus for child safeguarding purposes. Upper School students are also required to present their ID cards when checking out materials, presenting or using library resources. Parents wishing to avoid the check-in/sign-in procedures at our school gates will need to present an HIS Parent ID card and always wear it while on campus.

Please review the information on the website to submit your photo to the secretary for ID card generation. HIS ID card information 

We are also happy to arrange for a photo to be taken quickly at the HIS reception. We greatly appreciate your respect and support of our security measures as we work to ensure the safest possible learning environment for your children.

HIS Policies and Guidelines

Important information as relating to school policy or day-to-day operation can be found on the website at:

COVID Regulations and Campus Entry

As of August 18, there are no special regulations regarding COVID for entry to the campus.  The school will continue to sanitize learning spaces and furniture and provide hand sanitizer at all entrances and throughout the campus interiors. HIS community members (students, faculty, and parents) are encouraged to stay home when having symptoms of any highly contagious disease.  Parents and visitors with an appointment may enter the campus by checking in at the entry guard stations.  Guards will issue child safeguarding information and issue a temporary ID card to always wear.  In addition, parents will be allowed to escort their ECE children (Grades Early Years through Kindergarten) from 7:45-8:15am at the ECE Campus only.

School Transportation

If you have contracted school bus transportation, please make sure we have your current address and contact details, and you have received confirmation of your child's bus number and schedule.  Any questions regarding bus transport should be sent to the Transportation Assistant, Ms. Tracy Zhu (  

Food Service

A weekly menu, along with nutritional information, can be found under the ‘INFORM’ link of the school website under the subheading ‘Lunch Menu’. Please inform your child’s teacher if he or she has any special dietary needs.

Drop Off in the Mornings:

Please follow instructions as presented by HIS staff with respect to dropping off or picking up your child. Also, please be conscious not to drive or park in any manner that jeopardizes the safety of anyone in the proximity of the school.  If you arrange for a carpool or driver to take your child(ren) to school, please make sure to arrange for the students to be safely escorted to the entrance gate.

Students in Grades 1-12 should be brought to the Main Campus gate by 7:55am. Parents with appointments, uniform shopping needs, or invitation for an event, may enter the main campus with their ID badges AFTER 8:15am.

Parents/guardians/older siblings of students in Grades EY-K ONLY may enter the ECE Campus gate to escort ECE students to their classroom between 7:45-8:15am but will need to escort their ECE student to the ECE entrance gate only if arriving after 8:15am.  Classroom instruction begins at 8:00am and ends at 3:00pm for all grades.

ID’s, Pets, and Smoking:

For the safety of all members of the HIS community, the HIS campus requires all adults to wear an ID badge.  Also, HIS does not allow pets or smoking anywhere within the interior and exterior spaces on school grounds at any time and all days of the year.

Communication is the Key to Success

At HIS, we know one of the strong points of a great school is effective, quality communication between the school and home. Indeed, Effective Communication is a critical area of focus at HIS and is one of our General Learning Targets (GLT’s). School to home communication is carried out at HIS in a variety of ways, including those outlined below:

Type of






Web Presence

Accessible Anytime and Anywhere A place where current and prospective families can obtain important information about HIS, including our general and full activity calendars, daily school announcements, teacher web pages, lunch menu, and much more. The website also has a password protected access to school portals that allow current parents to access reports, ongoing assessment information, ASA sign-ups, attendance, schedules, library material check-out, etc.





Information of a time sensitive nature and weekly updates on several topics.  Posted as email and on school website:

HIS Superintendent of School Letters


Quarterly and

As Needed

Announcements that pertain to all members of the HIS community


Quarterly - Email link (hard copies available in the reception area)

An important mode of communication regarding general topic areas. Includes the following:

Program Features and Showcases Classroom and Student Sections Articles from HIS Faculty Activities Updates


·         Latest Edition: Summer 2023


Back to School Nights

The Lower School ECE Grades EY-K Back to School Night will be held August 29, Lower School Elementary Grades 1-5 Back to School Night will be held August 30, and Upper School Grades 6-12 Back to School Night will be held on August 31.  These evenings are designed to allow teachers to introduce themselves to their students’ parents and to share information about grade level or subject learning expectations. Further information will be sent to you by the division Principals.

In closing, I hope that this information is helpful in answering any questions as we launch the new school year. There will be more specific information communicated by division Principals and the Transportation and Admissions offices.  If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any administrator. Again, Welcome Back to our 22nd school year and GoooOOO Dragons!!!

Warm Regards,

Jeffry R. Stubbs, HIS Superintendent


Last updated August 10, 2021

Please find below all relevant updates as well as responses to questions regarding impacts on the Hangzhou International School community from the novel Coronavirus event.

We are closely monitoring the ongoing developments of the current novel coronavirus outbreak and are in routine communication with all relevant government agencies, including the Hanghzou Education Bureau and the Center for Disease Control, in addition to our colleagues at international schools around Hangzhou and across China.

Please know that our leadership team is working meticulously to plan for the health and safety of our community, and we will continue to communicate critical updates and information transparently to our parent community. We pledge our continued effort to gather information and provide more detailed information to all of you as soon as we are able. As such, we ask you to regularly come back to this page.

Thank you for your continued understanding, patience, and your effort toward all that remains ahead.

Campus Reopening Information