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DOS Letter to HIS Families April 09, 2020

Dear HIS Families,

We are pleased to announce the government’s inspection and approval of HIS Prevention and Control Measures in order to open the campus.  HIS is approved to reopen campus to specific grade levels on a staggered basis.  We are announcing the following:

HIS Campus will Reopen to Grades 9 and 12 ONLY on Monday, April 13
Reopening for All Remaining Grades will be Announced with 7-Days Notice 

Principals will be sharing reopening guidelines, especially as relating to the staggered start/end times of different grade levels and the arrival/departure gates they should use.  We needed to provide as many entrance points as possible so we can make visual check of student health, green code and temperature on arrival.  Students and parents will also be advised of some necessary changes to the timetables to accommodate more physical distancing in classrooms, in the cafeteria, and during breaks.  We will also be emphasizing the importance of the parent role in monitoring the health of students, following arrival/departure guidelines, and completing any documentation required for student attendance.

Before the reopening of school, we have been preparing the campus for a clean and safe return.  Faculty have conducted training for all aspects of the prevention and control measures.  This presentation known as the ‘Training for Return to Campus’, key planning documents, and a visual reopening page will be updated and posted by tomorrow on our webpage:

As well, you will be hearing from your Principals about specific plans for your child(ren)’s grade levels.
A key priority once students return will be to carefully assess and evaluate where each student is within the social, emotional and academic domains.  We will be determining areas where students have done well and where additional support is needed for each individual student, including careful analysis of diagnostic information from WIDA and NWEA tests, and classroom assessments of learning standards to determine where students need tailored support.  Early Childhood grade levels will also be assessing and evaluating student development during the E-learning period.  I want to assure you all that we are marshalling our full capacity and exercising flexibility to help students reach their full potential in all academic areas despite the interruption of campus learning.

For now, we can enjoy the good news of official dates being given for different grades levels to return to campus learning.  It should be noted that HIS will be one of only a few dozen international schools reopening in the entire world! Congratulations to all our students, parents, faculty, and leadership team for their commitment and support to final arrive at this point!  It has been a difficult period, but together we can keep HIS a safe and supportive place to go to school.










Kind Regards,
Jeffry R. Stubbs
Hangzhou International School