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DOS Letter to HIS Families April 17 2020

Dear HIS Families,

Next week we begin the phasing in of most grade levels.  During this week, we have been stress testing our prevention and control measures.  We are more than ready and excited to welcome back more of our students next week.  We are confirming the following:

HIS Campus will Reopen to High School Grades 10 and 11 on Monday, April 20
HIS Campus will Reopen to Middle School Grades 6, 7, and 8 on Tuesday, April 21
HIS Campus will Reopen to Lower School Grades 4 and 5 on Wednesday, April 22
Reopening for All Remaining Grades will be Announced with 7-Days Notice

Principals will be informing you of specific arrival times and gate entry/departure procedures soon.  In addition, please visit the document outlining the reopening of the campus at:

Overview of HIS COVID-19 Return to School Guidelines

This will be converted into a webpage with translatable text during the weekend.  Please pay careful attention to these requirements to ensure a safe and efficient access for the students.  More information on the campus reopening can be found in slides and videos under the ‘Reopening Guidelines’ link of the main Community Updates webpage at:

Coronavirus Community Updates




4月20日,星期一,10 & 11年级返校日
4月21日,星期二,6,7 & 8年级返校日
4月22日,星期三,4 & 5年级返校日







Kind Regards,
Jeffry R. Stubbs
Hangzhou International School