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DOS Letter to HIS Families Feb 20

Dear HIS Families, 

The weather has been beautiful in Hangzhou and we are pleased to note the return of many liberties and services now available in Hangzhou. We commend the National, Zhejiang and Hangzhou governments for their leadership during this time of uncertainty and containment of the novel coronavirus.  In particular, we must appreciate the original Hangzhou-centered design of the Alibaba platforms, which have allowed Hangzhou to take a lead in containment and increased mobility. Currently, families completing the Alipay ‘stoplight’ application (or alternative platform such as WeChat) and with no prior travel to Hubei and having no flulike symptoms may access a ‘green code’, which allows for greater mobility within the city.  Today we see many people back to work, enjoying a walk along the river, and shopping or receiving deliveries as in the past.  The biggest impact on our community has been the closure of the HIS campus.  While there has been no official announcement by the respective governments, HIS will remain closed through March 08 and E-learning will continue until the school re-opens.  Again, to be clear:

HIS will be closed through March 08 due to administrative decision.

We want to share some further information with our families regarding school opening, quarantine, and calendar dates.  Below is a very basic summary of current contingency plans:

  1. Campus Closure: while the campus of HIS is closed through March 08, E-learning and access to ‘schooling’ will continue until we are officially allowed to open or March 09, whichever comes last.  In other words, the campus will remain closed and E-learning will continue through March 08 even if allowed to open earlier.  We are suggesting that families who wish to have their students be present for the re-opening consider making their way back.
  2. Returning: While most families are in Hangzhou already, some have elected to keep their students with a spouse or other family member outside of China.  The green-code system accessible through Alipay and WeChat has been used very successfully in the past few days by families entering Hangzhou from places outside of China or provinces within China except Hubei.  Hangzhou has taken the lead in its initial quarantine and with the Alipay/WeChat system is now a leading city in the containment effort.  When we re-open on a Monday, E-learning will discontinue the Friday before.  Therefore, we are giving families notice to begin with preparations to come back if they plan to continue schooling once re-opened.  Note: most cities and provinces are following the Hangzhou strategies for containment and use of Alipay/WeChat green-code systems.  You may learn of further school closures and quarantine measures in other cities, but we are confident that Hangzhou has taken the lead in this epidemic and will have openings of business and schooling before.
  3. Quarantine: The Alipay and WeChat QR Code systems are short and fairly easy to use.  Some families will have a member with cold or seasonal flu, our advice is to stay where you are until at least 48 hours after symptoms are over.  There are green, yellow and red codes used for these apps. 
  4. Calendar: We will be converting the Professional Development (PD) days and the Student-Led Conference (SLC) day to school days for students.  SLCs will occur after school as scheduled by Principals.  We will keep our Spring Break week as no school. We appreciate those who have suggested we cancel Spring Break or move it forward; however, there are enough families and faculty who have made significant plans during this period and the E-learning program does require at some point that we take a break.  Reports will go out as scheduled and the end of year will go as planned on June 18.  Our commitment to international families is to provide access to a quality education that can be transportable to wherever they go.  In addition, we have exams and end of year assessments that cannot be moved due to the requirements of other international standards.  We are tentatively planning to offer class on the Saturday make-up day of April 11.  Students leaving HIS and/or choosing to go on summer holiday will receive semester reports and any documentation that shows they completed the year.  Those Early Years I to Grade 11 students re-enrolled for the 2020-21 school year will have the option to continue with a ‘Summer Extension’ for 10 more days at no additional tuition.  This program will end July 03.  Only students enrolled in week 1 of summer extension will be eligible to continue into week 2.  A survey will be sent to parents of re-enrolled students to confirm if they will attend the summer extension.  In total, this represents 14 more possible school days for returning students in addition to the E-learning school days.
  5. Re-opening: once we return, HIS will take additional steps to improve campus environment safety.  This will include increased sanitization and health measures.  Parents will need to conduct a health check and temperature reading of their children before sending them to school.  We will make some adjustments to operations procedures to ensure maximum environmental health and safety.  Parents will not be allowed on campus without appointment during the month of March and ASA’s will not resume until after Spring Break (or at a specified date) so we can focus on student learning.  We will share more about how the youngest students will be taken in at entry.  This is not unusual in China, in fact, only international schools are as open for student arrival and parent involvement.  We feel this is an important measure to maximize the health on campus, focus on students, and ensure the administration is most capable of addressing the objectives of the re-opening. The playground and facilities will be closed after school, except for pre-approved athletics and clubs.  Parents will drop their students off at the gate in the morning and pick them up at the gate after school until a date is specified to allow a more open campus.  We will be focusing our time with students and reserving after school hours to provide additional support to students who may have struggled during the E-learning period.  We appreciate your understanding during this time and we will continue to offer some community exchanges offsite until we are prepared to open the campus to the entire community.

In order to make the Summer Extension period successful, we have asked for a commitment from at least 50% of faculty and staff to go beyond their contractual duties.  The Board of Directors has approved for these faculty and staff to receive an additional stipend for their support but the tuition will be free for students re-enrolled for the 2020-21 school year.  The Summer Extension will not be required learning, but the program will draw on prior-learning, expand on our General Learning Targets (GLTs) and utilize a transdisciplinary or interdisciplinary “DragonWeek’ or innovation/creation/design type concept, depending on grade level.  Principals will be forthcoming about plans for this week once we have resumed classes on campus.

For those outside of Hangzhou and wishing to be prepared for the campus opening, we advise to consider that it is time to start heading students back.  After considering all restrictions and limitations, we have no reason to convey any concern about health, services, supplies or threat of any sickness whatsoever.  

Take care and enjoy the sunshine wherever you are.  And please consider including some time for students to enjoy this weather as well during E-learning time.  It’s very important students get out of their apartment E-learning environment and into the fresh air and sun, count the ducks on the river and fly something!

We will provide another HIS Community update by next Thursday, February 27 or sooner if we receive important updates from the government.  Take care and look forward to seeing more of you soon.


Jeffry R. Stubbs
Director of Schools
Hangzhou International School




  1. 校园关闭:尽管校园不开放,线上学习和学校教育继续进行中。换言之,即使政府允许我们在3月9日之前开放,我们也会等到3月9日再开放,线上学习按计划进行。
  2. 回杭:虽然大多数家庭已经回到杭州,但有些家庭还是选择让孩子跟其中一位家长留在国外。在过去的几天里,很多在杭州的家庭已经通过支付宝和微信成功地申请到了绿码。杭州在疫情发展的最初就第一个发起一级预警,现在又利用支付宝成为疫情控制的领先城市。注:支付宝的绿码系统将会在全国推广。你也可能会了解到中国其他城市的更多学校关闭和隔离措施,但我们有信心,杭州在这次疫情中已经走在了前面,也会在商业和教育恢复中占到先机。
  3. 隔离:支付宝和微信的扫码系统简单易操作。如果家里有成员有感冒或流感症状的,我们建议你们留待原地,等病好48小时以后再动身回杭。
  4. 日历:我们会把原来校历上的老师培训日和家长会日改为学生上课日。我们还是会保留春假,对于有些家长关于取消春假的建议,我们表示感谢,但是据了解已经有一部分的家长和老师提前就作好了春假的计划,我们不得不保留这个假期。从另一方面来讲,尽管校园关闭,但是老师和学生们的工作学习确实从2月初就开始进行,我们需要一个时间点可以让大家休息一下。成绩报告单将于6月18日如期发放,因为我们对国际家庭的承诺是提供高质量的教育,并支持他们在任何时间去往任何地方的转学需求。另外,也因为个别国际标准的要求,我们部分考试和年终考核时间要跟国际接轨,无法更改。我们同时暂定4月11日星期六补课。这样的安排,可以让那些准备要离开杭州国际学校的学生可以准时开始暑假,拿到成绩报告单,证明他们完成了这一年的学业。对于那些现在在读,并注册我校2020-21学年的学生,我们会提供“暑假推迟”10天计划,不额外收取学费。这个计划会在7月3日结束。只有参加第一周学习的学生才能参加第二周的学习,换言之,家长可以选择上前五天,或者上全部十天的课程。稍后我们会发送关于下一学年注册信息的同时跟家长确认是否参加这个计划。总而言之,这意味着除了线上学习日之外,2020-21返校学生最多可以补上14天的实体课程。
  5. 重新开放校园:一旦校园重新开放,HIS将采取额外措施来改善校园环境安全,包括增加消毒次数和范围等卫生手段。请家长在送孩子来上学之前就对孩子进行健康检查和体温测量。我们也会对学校运作程序方面进行一些调整,以确保最大程度的环境健康和安全。3月期间,未经预约的家长不得进入校园,课外活动ASA会在春假或指定日期以后才开始进行。我们要把最开始的那段时间重点放在抓好学生的学习上。我们将在后面的邮件里分享更多关于小龄段的学生家长如何接送学生的细节。我们认为这是一项重要的安全措施,可以最大限度地保护学生尽量少接触生人,可以促进校园健康,关注学生,并确保行政部门最有力实现校园在安全有序的情况下开放给学生。除了预先批准的体育和俱乐部,学校的操场和设施也将在放学后关闭。家长早上把学生送到校门口,放学后再到校门口接他们,直到后续情况好转,我们逐步开放校园。我们将集中时间与学生在一起,并保留放学后的部分学生的提问时间,为那些可能在网上学习期间遇到困难的学生提供额外帮助。我们感谢您在这段时期的理解,我们会继续为HIS社区提供交流服务,但是在我们可以确保一切安全以前,暂时地点不会选择在校内。