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DOS Letter to HIS Families Mar 5

Dear HIS Families, 

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful day.  I am very proud of our students, parents, and faculty for their resilience, motivation and commitment during this period of E-learning.  We have taken on board many excellent suggestions and will continue to improve our platform as best we can.  We thank all for following appropriate channels of communication so that support can best be identified.  To consolidate information and provide more ongoing updates, we have developed the following webpage to keep the HIS community informed about frequently asked questions (FAQ), reopening preparations, and support for E-learning:

During the week, we have learned of many developments of international schools within the ACAMIS region.  However, the Hangzhou Education Bureau (HEB) still has not set a date for reopening of the school campus.  Therefore:

HIS is closed from February 03 until further notice
under the force majeure direction of the government

As mentioned last week, the HEB advised us that they will give us at least 14-days notice before a reopening date is allowed.  As China has become one of the few countries that is focusing its containment measures to a close, many countries throughout the world are just experiencing a surge in new cases.  While many returning families from unaffected areas have not had to conduct a strict quarantine until recently, we believe it is becoming increasingly likely that those arriving from outside of China will need to serve a full 14-day quarantine at home.  We have been advising against making travel plans in advance to countries that may or have already become affected by this outbreak.  As such, we will be looking at how we can best serve families who are in Hangzhou or return to China within the 14-day announcement notice in preparation for the reopening of the school.  In addition to the need for families to complete government quarantine requirements before returning to work or school, the HIS administration has been concerned that the opening dates may fall within our calendared Spring Break or just prior.  Should this happen we will shift our ‘Spring Break’ period to a scheduled ‘break’ as below:

Spring Break


While there is a strong possibility that we will not have to move the Spring Break period, we want to be prepared to offer as much face-to-face learning once allowed to reopen.  If the reopening date occurs after April 06, then we will take the scheduled Spring Break and E-learning will continue until the school reopens. 

We will continue to provide regular community updates every Thursday and will immediately advise all as soon as we learn of a specific reopening date.  Please be advised that it is very possible that HIS will be allowed to open with the upper school grade levels first, before lower school and early years.

Please remember to encourage your child(ren) to take breaks to be outdoors, get plenty of exercise and avoid isolation. Our counselors are available online and by phone as a resource for any student or parent who may need them during this time.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support, patience and understanding.

Warm Regards,

Jeffry R. Stubbs
Hangzhou International School







Spring Break





Warm Regards,

Jeffry R. Stubbs
Hangzhou International School