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DOS Letter to HIS Families March 12, 2020

Dear HIS Families, 

We are pleased to see that the Chinese efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 have been very successful and that some provinces have been announcing campus reopening dates with staggered grade level entries from older students first to younger students later.  While the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education has not announced a reopening date, they have communicated that we may have only one week’s notice before such an announcement.  Zhejiang has not had a locally transmitted case of COVID-19 since the third week of February and following the timelines for reopening dates in other provinces, we are hoping for a staggered reopening date beginning as soon as March 30.  Our teachers, parents and students have been doing an excellent job on the E-learning platform.  However, it is time to take a break and we want this to occur prior to the reopening so that families outside of China can consider making their way back and complete any necessary quarantine, and so we can conduct training for our teachers and staff on reopening protocols.  With this email, we are announcing our Spring Break period will be moved up to March 23-27.  There will be no active E-learning during the period of March 21-29 but the platforms will be open and accessible.  E-learning will continue before and after these dates until each grade level is allowed to return to campus.

Spring Break will be moved forward to March 23-27
There will be no school during this time period 

Specific reopening guidelines will be sent to all parents and will be posted at the following webpage:

Please note that Zhejiang and Hangzhou have yet to publish specific reopening guidelines but HIS will meet or exceed all these requirements once established.  Hangzhou and HIS will be safe, but we are very supportive of the government’s strict commitment to keep COVID-19 out of China.  As the spread of COVID-19 has become a pandemic fight outside of China, we will ensure all our employees and students are meeting quarantine requirements before and during attendance at school.  Our ability to provide this access is entirely dependent on our community’s support and vigilance in keeping any sickness isolated outside of the school.  Also, please make sure to complete our HIS Community Travel Itinerary Survey, which is required information by the Hangzhou Education Bureau in order for HIS to be in good standing for a restart.  If you travel to a different country, please notify the Upper or Lower School secretary of these changes.

We hope you will all look for some ways to enjoy some non-screen time during the break.  There are many safe activities for students and families to do in Hangzhou and most of China.  But most importantly, it is good for them to spend time safely outside, talking with friends, getting some exercise, and exploring life away from their computers as much as possible.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support, patience and understanding.

Warm Regards,

Jeffry R. Stubbs
Hangzhou International School







Warm Regards,

Jeffry R. Stubbs
Hangzhou International School