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DOS Letter to HIS Families March 19 2020

Dear HIS Families, 

This week we have been formally invited to apply for campus reopening by the Hangzhou Education Bureau (HEB).  Next week, we will take our much deserved break from March 23-27 and we hope to be reopening shortly thereafter (pending approval from the HEB).  There will be no active E-learning during the period of March 21-29 but the platforms will be open and accessible.  E-learning will continue before and after these dates until each grade level is allowed to return to campus.  

Spring Break will be moved forward to March 23-27
There will be no school during this time period

HIS has been actively setting up protocols for the reopening, including the purchase of specific equipment and supplies to ensure a safe restart and conducting training with all faculty and staff.  Certain changes to existing safety protocols will need to be made, including limitations on visitors, bus pick-ups, and drop-off/arrivals of students.  Specific reopening guidelines will be sent to all parents and will be posted at the following webpage:

As always, please let your child’s teacher know if you have any queries about his/her learning and contact your child’s Principal if you have questions about the E-learning platform.  We take all suggestions, concerns and questions seriously as they help us improve our support and implementation of E-learning for each individual student.

Enjoy the break and, please, do enjoy some time outside and away from screens. 

Warm Regards,

Jeffry R. Stubbs
Hangzhou International School







Warm Regards,

Jeffry R. Stubbs
Hangzhou International School