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DOS Notice of Campus Closure through March 08

Dear HIS Families, 

I hope this email finds you well despite the uncertainty due to this coronavirus outbreak.  While we continue to see very positive signs in the effort to contain the spread of the virus, and we understand that this epidemic may not have the same severity as previous flu outbreaks, we also continue with the ‘epidemic of uncertainty’, which has certainly impacted HIS families.  In such situations, we need to look for more stability and certainty for our community.  To this extent, while we have not been advised of further closure and to maximize the probability of a successful relaunch, we will not be reopening HIS prior to March 09.  To be clear:

HIS Campus will be closed through March 08 due to administrative decision.

As many HIS families might need to complete quarantine requirements before students return to class, we want to establish a ‘hard date’ when E-learning will be discontinued and when return to school is expected.  Current quarantine restrictions and travel difficulties make a strong start before March 09 a very uncertain prospect.  E-learning will continue to take place until we resume classes.  We have confirmed with the Hangzhou Education Bureau (HEB), Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) that our current E-learning program meets accrediting and authorization guidelines for schooling hours and days.

We believe this decision will provide families with more scope in their planning.  It is possible there will be an official government notice of further closure into March and we will be sending another update on Feb 20 or sooner.  However, HIS will not be opening its doors before March 09 even if legally allowed to do so before this date.

We understand that families will be wondering about their previous travel plans and school days. Reviewing the remaining calendar days for the school year, we have also decided the following:

  • February 28 and March 27 will no longer be professional in-service days.  Feb 28 will be a school day for students via E-learning platform.  March 27 is planned as a regular school day.
  • March 17 will be a regular school day and division Principals will be adjusting how Student-Led Conferences are done after school.
  • We will keep the Spring Break holiday from March 30-April 03 (no school for students).
  • We ask faculty and families not to make travel plans during our make-up days of April 11 and May 16.  We will announce any use of these days at least 14 days prior.
  • The school year will end on June 18 as planned.

The administration and leadership teams are looking at different ways we can provide review, support and enrichment on non-school days, but these opportunities will not involve ‘required’ learning that places those who do not attend at a disadvantage.  We will be simply looking for more ways to strengthen schooling options that cannot be accessed via E-learning.

We hope these decisions give our community greater clarity and security during this difficult time.  As always, I appreciate your support, understanding and patience.

Finally, I want to simply state that I am so grateful that we are in a country and city that has demonstrated such incredible resolve to contain this outbreak.  I can think of no other country I have lived in or visited that would have such capacity.  A quick review of the history of virus outbreaks will show that these things can begin anywhere in the world.  I feel very safe for my family here in Hangzhou and I hope you are all well wherever you are.  I want to extend our support and sympathies for those most impacted by this outbreak, especially the people of the city of Wuhan and the province of Hubei. 


Jeffry R. Stubbs
Director of Schools
Hangzhou International School






  • 2月28日和3月27日原定是老师培训日,现在改为学生上课日。2月28日会通过线上平台进行教学,3月27日学生正常上课日。
  • 3月17日改为学生上课日,家长会将在放学以后进行。
  • 我们会保留春假3月30日-4月3日,学生放假
  • 我们会要求教师们和家长们在4月11日和5月16日暂时不要安排任何出行计划,我们会提前2周通知是否需要用到这两天来补课。
  • 本学期还是会按计划在6月18日结束。