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                   HIS DATES

Upcoming Events                             

*15 Jan-29 March   CCA 2 commence

*25 January      Parent Coffee Morning                           Brains & Bodies

*8 February      Chinese New Year Gala                          Last day of school 

*9-16 February     Chinese New Year                                       Holiday

*19 February    First day back to school

*21 February     100 Days of School                                         Celebration

*28 February   English/ ESL  Curriculum Day(EY1_K)  Night (GR 1-5)

*11 March        Staff Professional            In-service Day (no school for students)

*19 March      Student Led Conferences  Parents make an appointment and attend with their child. No formal classes.

*22 March    Mid-semester Reports 

*9 January-21 June   Semester 2 2024


 Parent Coffee Morning This Thursday-Come and join particularly of interest to parents of grade 4 and 5 students

                                 INQUIRY IN ACTION            

                First Snow-so exciting!        Grade 4 field trip to the Liang Zhu Cultural Museum 

In their unit Walk A Mile In Their Shoes, the students explored the history of human migrationthe push and pull factors, and the personal, social, and emotional perspectives of those involved. The students came to understand the group of people who moved to the Liang Zhu area north of modern-day Hangzhou.

                  CHINESE NEW YEAR                     MANDARIN GALA 

            Message from the Vice Principals      

In international schools around the world, it is common to see classrooms that provide flexible seating options for learners. Flexible seating in the classroom provides students with a variety of options for seating as well as gives students agency (voice, choice, and ownership) of where they choose to work.  When students can choose their own seat, they can also find a seating arrangement that works best for them. This means that they are more likely to be comfortable, which most often leads to improved focus and concentration, staying on task, and being more productive. It is a joy to walk into our Lower School classrooms and see that teachers understand the importance of flexible seating and have intentionally provided flexible seating options for their learners which in turn benefits them in an array of ways!

Warm Regards,


Dear Parents,

This week our students continued to be creative and explored in a variety of ways.  In EY our students are observing nature and starting to communicate more.  In PreK, we did a nature walk, and the students brought corresponding items to the class, where they started to sort and categorize items. K was busy this week setting up their reading groups and developing our Kindergarten children's leadership skills.

Wishing everyone another great week!

Kind Regards,

Rene Smal

CCA's have begun again!

Oragmi and making a dessert in clay look like fun!

What about the exciting artwork in Drawing101 or the neat chopping and stirfrying in Midi Chefs!

Maybe you want to join a traditional Chinese game!

Grade 3 has discovered how jobs and careers contribute to a successful community. As we grow up, we have dreams of what career we want, and we will change our minds as we grow and develop different interests and skills. 
Grade 3 went on a galley walk to examine the education and skills required for different jobs.  We noted what daily work and skills are required and how our unique skills and interests can help us choose our future. career. 
 Our next step will be to inquire into how goods and services are developed to meet the wants and needs of communities.  

                 PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE            

Dear Families,

 I look forward to meeting many of you over the next two weeks as we celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday.

Field Trips

Several grades are planning to undertake field trips over the next two weeks. We thank you in advance for your ongoing support. We continue to have many parents accompanying and supporting staff on these trips, which means students get additional support to investigate(including language support) and learn while in a smaller group with heightened security and safety.

In talking to many adults, they can recall trips they attended out of the school but rarely lessons they were involved in.

We have been working extremely hard to learn of and visit great resources and facilities our students can access to enhance their learning. We are delighted that Hangzhou is rich in museums, guest speakers, and businesses our students can connect with.

Count Up to 100 Days of School

The count-up continues until our 100 Day celebration on Wednesday, 21 February. This count-up helps to get all students involved in mathematical thinking and highlighting a number in multiple ways depending on the student's grades.

Kindergarten Parent Meet and Coffee Get-together

Thank you to the parents who braved the cold and wet weather to join our coffee afternoon. We enjoyed meeting you and learning a little about your child. It was apparent you enjoyed meeting each other and 

Mandarin Gala Performance

Please see the PAFA poster today about our Chinese New Year Celebrations and join us for the Dragon Dance and then the LS Gala Concert in the Theatre commencing at 10 am.

Save the date! 

English/ESL Curriculum Night

Please save the date for our English/ESL Curriculum Night on Wednesday, 28 February, from 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm. This evening is a unique opportunity to see how the English curriculum develops from EY1-Grade12 and the language demands of each grade level. It also highlights the support students new to English receive to match their cognitive levels with the required linguistic demands of the curriculum.

A night not to miss!

Kind regards,


                 LS ATHLETIC NEWS                


Current Seasons 

Grade 5-8 Badminton  

Boys Practice Schedule: Tuesday 3:15-4:00, Thursday 4:00-4:45 

Girls Practice Schedule: Tuesday 4:00-4:45, Thursday 3:15-4:00 

Grade 5-8 Volleyball  

Practices each Monday and Friday 3:15-4:15 

Upcoming Seasons  

Middle School Track and Field Season (G5-8) Begins Monday 26th February (Tues 3:30-5, Thurs 3:30-5)  

                      CCA information                  


CCA for K-Grade 5 students are from 3:15 – 4:15 with a few exceptions where the CCA will finish at 4:45. Please be on time to collect your child from the Main Gate at 4:15.  

If you have any inquiries relating to CCA, you can email  


Late Bus Service 

The late buses will begin service when CCA1 begins. If you are eligible for the Late Bus Service, you will have received an email this afternoon and now need to register for the late bus between now and this Thursday at 8am. 

Please note the following regarding access to late bus: 

If you do not register in time, you will not have access to the late bus for the 1st week of CCA. 

Only students who are eligible and registered for the regular morning/afternoon school bus service will be eligible for the Late Bus Service. 

Late buses are only for students who are registered and participating in one of our after-school activities on the day they wish to use the late bus (CCA, Swim Team, Athletics Teams, Performing Arts Rehearsals) 

Questions relating to the late bus can be directed to our Transportation Secretary MS. Tracy Zhu:  

When selecting CCA or Swim Team practice days, students should not register for any which conflict with their sports practice days.  

Students involved in Performing Arts rehearsals can participate in both activities if they can participate in at least 1 sports practice per week for their chosen sports.  

All information relating to HIS Athletics can be found at the following link:  

Registrations for sports teams are now open through the link below.  

                  GATE PROTOCOLS                

Wearing masks to enter the school is optional for students and staff. Masks will still be available for students who want to wear them. 

Procedures and Protocols

Please ensure that if your child is ill that they do not attend school. If your child continues with a high temperature or remains unwell, please seek medical support. We ask that parents err on the side of caution and keep children at home until they have fully recovered. 

Please note that if your child is absent due to COVID you must ensure they have a valid negative COVID test to reenter the school. Please forward your child's result to or


Moments 365 Help

Help with Moments 365 is available from Mr Emlyn Majoos (Mr.M) to ensure we have all parents using this platform.  If you need a Chinese or speaker of another language please contact Mr M.and we will arrange support.

Contacting Teachers

We ask parents to contact teachers via Moments 365 or by email. Teachers are busy working with students, attending meetings, preparing class materials, and ensuring student safety. They infrequently look at their computers or mobile phones and may miss your message. For changes to pick-up arrangements or urgent news, please get in touch with the school secretaries, who are online all day.

ECE             LS main building

Online teaching and Student/Teacher contact

For online teaching and correspondence between teachers and students we use TEAMS.

                    SWIMMING NEWS               


Congratulations to our HIS Gold Dragons Swim Team for their outstanding performances at the SSL Round 3 Swim Meet this past weekend! Everyone did well with a total of 99 Personal Best times and the Girls 9-10 won 2nd place in their age group!

Thanks to parents, coaches, and all involved for all the hard work to make this past weekend a truly memorable experience for all our swimmers.


Kindly familiarize yourself with the Swim Team Registration Packet for LS and US (emailed). It includes guidelines, expectations, etc. This is also now digitalized. Please complete the form before your first practice by scanning the QR code or through the link below. Please note that the Student Identification Number is needed.

Any further enquiries should be directed to


January 20 & 21 – SSL Round 3 (NIS)

February 24 – SSL Round 4 (SASPX & SCISHQ PD)

March 15 & 16 – ACAMIS Junior Swimming Championships (XLIS)

March 30 (TBC) – HISAC Round 3 (WCIS)

April 13 & 14 – SSL Championship

Quick Links:

Aquatics Calendar 2023-2024

Swim Meet Schedule

HIS Swim Records

Swim Meet Results

                 CCA INFORMATION                

Please visit the Co-Curricular page on the HIS website for more information  

You can also send an email to if you have any inquiries. 


Please assist staff by advising us early (before lunchtime) wherever possible, if you need your child to do something different at their usual pick-up time and location. Teachers focus on working and engaging their class while maintaining a safe environment. They get to their computers sporadically and may miss changes. In addition, some classes are with Specialist staff for the last lesson and bring the students to the pick-up locations. They may be unaware of last-minute changes.

If you need to make a late change to plans, I'd suggest you send a message to our Lower School secretaries, or in the ECE, and they can pass on your message.


Chinese New Year Celebrations – Year of the Dragon!

Join us for a festive day to welcome the Year of the Dragon at HIS. Parents are invited to the activities (ONLY parents, please)

Fridays HIS Artisan Food Market is back! Every Friday from 2:30 to 4:30 pm

Every Friday Hangzhou International School along with our community Artisans will offer to purchase tasty treats and excellent snacks from the different food vendors attending.

Come for a pleasant afternoon to end the school week, and head out for a relaxing and fun weekend with a happy stomach!

For information, contact Ms. Andrea:


HIS PAFA Festive Lunch - A wonderful way to welcome the CNY!

Enjoy a wonderful lunch with fun activities, delicious food, and great company! Scan the QR code to register.


PAFA Be fit! Be Healthy! Every Thursday from 8:15 to 9:45 am. 

All HIS parents are invited to join this program. Please, scan the QR code in the poster for more information and register. Limited spaces per session.

HIS Social Media.

Follow us and subscribe to our channels!


Andrea Stubbs

Director of Admissions and Community Relations

Hangzhou International School

2190 Xiangbin Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou 310052 Phone: 86-571-8669-0045

                     LIBRARY NEWS                    

Chinese New Year is coming; students enjoy the Chinese New Year provocation table; they are ready for a big feast and practicing their fine motor skills by using the chopsticks and putting the sticks back into the connected food. In addition, trying on the lion's head and sharing food is very popular dramatic play. I hope it will inspire their love to learn more about Chinese Culture.

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to our wonderful libraries and 2024! A special warm welcome to our new families that have joined our HIS family today. Your class teacher will advise you of your child's borrowing time, but students are always welcome in the library with the teacher's permission. We also have material for parents and the library can be accessed to 4.15 pm each day.

If you would like to contact the libraries, please use the email addresses listed below: 

ECE Library, Ms. Ivy – 

Lower School Library, Mrs. Majoos and Ms. Jeanne – 

Upper School Library, Ms. Sara– 

Happy reading! 

Best wishes, 

ECE and Lower School Librarians 

ECE and Lower School Librarians 

Parent and Student ID Cards

All students and parents should have an HIS Identification Card. Please review the information on the website to submit your photo to the secretary for ID card generation. HIS ID card information



School Uniform

Please wear our school uniform with pride each day, and we seek your support in having your child dressed in the complete uniform each day. We will notify you if it is a special day to dress up; otherwise, students should be in uniform. Also, please have your child wear their PE kit on swim days (Grade1-5). Please label your child's clothing to help us return it to you. We often find many items without names, and the students cannot recognize their belongings.    

Purchasing School Uniform

Families can purchase items at the Dragon Shop. It is open

Monday to Friday from 

*8.05 am-2.45 pm and 3.15 pm-4.00 pm

For more information, please contact the dragon shop:

Alternatively, if you need to link, check it out here

                                        LS ADMINISTRATION TEAM                                    

Lynn Pendleton

Lower School/ECE Principal 

Rene Smal

ECE Coordinator

Vice Principal


Jessica Johnson

Lower School

Vice Principal 

PYP Co-ordinator

                                             SCHOOL LUNCH                                               

What's for Lunch?

See this week's cafeteria menu

HIS Mission Statement

We provide international learners with opportunities to pursue academic and personal excellence within a caring community.