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                 HIS DATES

              Upcoming Events                  

*3-5 April               Spring Break

*8-12 April             Book Week

*8 April                   CCA3 commence

*12 April    Night of Tales-Save the date

*26 April    Staff Professional                  development-no     school for students

*1 May      Labour day -no school

*10 June    Dragon Boat Festival holiday

*9 January-21 June  Semester 2 2024

*21 June   Semester Two reports home

                 HIS CALENDAR 2024-25          

2024-2025 CALENDAR:

What a wonderful day of sharing and learning at the Student Led Conferences.

 Grade 3 have a visit from a city planner.

                       SAVE THE DATE                                              NIGHT OF TALES                        IS COMING!

                 PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE             

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for your wonderful support last week of many activities in the school. It was so much fun watching students so confidently sharing their classroom practices with their families. Whether they were 2 years or 11 years they were beaming with excitement and enjoying their time sharing their learning so skillfully with you.

Grade 2 Assembly

What a wonderful  turn out we had for the grade 2 assembly this week that highlighted the trans-disciplinary nature of PYP units. Ms Jessica has written more fully about it today. Parents then joined their children to learn about the grade 2 ;s current unit of inquiry.


I hope you shared your chid's report together, then  discussed lots of strengths and read the areas they had identified to challenge themselves to improve. Talking about goals and how they might get assistance  and support from you to reach them, actually means they are more likely to be successful.

SAVE THE DATE -Friday 12 April

The Night of Tales is coming and you and your child will not want to miss this evening of stories, performed by the fanttastically talented teachers and staff!

Have a great week,


            Message from the Vice Principals    

On Friday, our wonderful Grade 2 students presented their learning in an assembly and their classrooms after it.  They have recently finished their Unit of Inquiry, based on the Transdisciplinary Theme: How We Express Ourselves.  Students expressed themselves through poetry, dance, art, musical performances, and PE. What a joy it was to see our students use excellent communication skills as they presented in various ways.   

PYPx Update

Last week during the Exhibition, the students spent a lot of time thinking about what truly matters to them. They needed to think about what makes them happy in the world or "what fills their heart with joy," and they needed to reflect on what "breaks their heart" in this world. This exercise helps the kids make connections between their passions and interests with global issues. After attending some engaging parent-led workshops on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, the students were inspired to connect their passions to the UN's goals. These early stages of idea development are crucial to ensure the students are enthusiastic about the concepts they choose to explore. - Mr. Wells 

Jessica Johnson

Lower School Vice Principal and PYP Coordinator

Dear Parents,

This was a busy week in ECE, and we were excited to have all our families join us for the Student-led conferences.  We hope that you enjoyed your time listening to your child's journey in HIS ECE. 

This week we are looking at the importance of the relationship with your child.  

Warm and responsive relationships are key elements of young children’s development.  ECE children’s relationships change as their feelings become more complex and their thinking and verbalization skills develop.  As such, a warm, stable, and responsive relationship is fundamental to children’s development and well-being. When parents have this kind of relationship with their children, they will feel safe and secure. A sense of security gives a child the confidence to explore the world and learn. And as a child explore the world, they learn how to think, understand, communicate, behave, show emotions, and develop social skills.

By tuning to a child’s feelings, praising them, and helping them to find words for strong emotions, children will learn and develop more.  Here are some ways parents can work on these areas.


Give children plenty of positive attention.  An example would be to do a favorite thing, your child enjoys such as Lego or a jigsaw. Doing something they enjoy doing.

Tune in to your child. If you see your child is getting frustrated or upset, help them to understand their emotions. For example, ‘I can see you’re frustrated with that puzzle. How about I help you?’’ 


Demonstrate that you are listening when your child is talking. Stop what you’re doing, make eye contact, pay attention to your child’s body language, and use phrases like 'Really?’, ‘Go on’, or ‘And then what happened?’

Be patient with your child’s questions and encourage their interests.

If your child asks about tough topics, answer in simple language and short sentences that your child can understand.


Play games together like “I spy” or simple board or card games. Turn-taking games like these help your child learn to play cooperatively and get along with people. These skills are good for your child’s relationships with you and other people. Find time and opportunities to play.

READ! Regular reading with your child creates a special time for bonding. It also stimulates your child’s imagination and helps your child learn about the world.

Family life

Have meals together as a family. Family meals can strengthen your family relationships and your child’s sense of belonging.

Encourage your child to help you around the house – for example, by setting the table or putting away laundry. This gives you the chance to spend time together and show your child that you trust them with responsibility. And chores help your child feel ‘big’ and good about themselves.


Kind Regards,


Rene Smal

Lower School Vice Principal and ECE Coordinator

                LIBRARY NEWS From ECE         

Exciting news! To celebrate our love of books and reading, Book Week is coming. From April 8 to April 12, students and parents can participate in many different fun activities. We are so happy that several parents have already signed up for our mystery readers. In addition, we invite you to take part in our book swap at the ECE library. The donation and swap table is ready. Could you take a moment to review your child's collection and gather any books that are no longer being read? These books can find new homes as other families exchange their treasures. It's a beautiful opportunity to refresh your child's reading material while promoting recycling and the joy of sharing stories. At the same time, we talked about the book character's dress-up day. Many students have enthusiastically designed their spectacular dress-up outfits inspired by their beloved characters.

                    LIBRARY NEWS                    

Dear HIS Families,

Thank you to everyone who visited and supported the HIS Spring Book Fair! We hope you enjoyed the great selection of books and were able to add great collections to your home library. When reading and the love of books is modelled at home and at school, it can help students develop the same appreciation.

To celebrate books and reading even more, we will be holding the HIS Book Week from April 8-12. Many fun events are taking place. How can you be part of it? Sign up to be a Mystery Reader! Your child can also bring books for the donate and swap book table. On Wednesday, April 10th we will have our second year of Book Character Dress-Up Event. Don’t forget the Night of Tales which will be taking place on Friday evening, April 12. Please check out the posters for more details and how to sign up to be a Mystery Reader!

For this coming week’s Read Aloud, that can be found on Moments 365 on Tuesday afternoons, the book is called “Izzy Gizmo” written by Pip Jones and illustrated by Sara Ogilvie. We have a special reader this week, Mr. Em! The story is about a girl who loves to build new things! She is a real inquirer and risk-taker. Tune in to hear this inspiring story.

Remember to encourage your child to read the books competing in this semester’s Battle of the Books (refer to the poster to see which are the 12 books)! When they have read a book with a buddy, they can complete the quiz and voting for our favorite books will be happening in May!

If you would like to contact the libraries, please use the email addresses listed below: 

ECE Library, Ms. Ivy – 

Lower School Library, Mrs. Majoos and Ms. Jeanne – 

Upper School Library, Ms. Sara– 

Happy reading!

Mrs. Majoos

Lower School Librarian

                    ATHLETICS NEWS               

                                       LOWER SCHOOL ATHLETICS NEWS 


On Saturday HIS hosted the 2024 U19 HISAC Badminton Tournament. Close to 100 players from 6 schools in Hangzhou and Ningbo participated in Boys and Girls Singles and Doubles events. HIS had a big contingent of almost 30 players and faced some really strong competition which was a fantastic step up for them to experience before upcoming SISAC and ACAMIS tournaments in April. HIS tasted success in both girls Divisions with our girls in the doubles combination of Vinisha and Raina taking 1st Place. An extra special congratulations to Grade 5 Xiner who was called into the team following her U14 HISAC win the previous Saturday and was again triumphant in the U19 Competition against much older opponents. She battled physically after a long day of singles matches and took out the Championship match in 3 close sets, 16-14 in the deciding 3rd set! 


Our Grade 5-8 Volleyball teams finished their seasons on Saturday with 4 teams travelling to 4 locations across Shanghai and Suzhou. These tournaments give students the opportunity to play many games in 1 day against a host of International Schools in those cities. While the students are there to do their best, the beauty of these CISSA CRE is that they focus on participation and fun. There are no trophies or medals, just lots of your boys and girls enjoying themselves, making friends and improving their skills and understanding with help from their coaches. It is a fantastic philosophy for sports at this age and all reports are that our students had a great time – even if they had a very early departure!! Well done to all students and coaches on your volleyball season which has now ended. We had fantastic numbers at practices and look to have some talent moving through to Varsity teams in coming years. 


Current Seasons 

Varsity Football (Soccer) - Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

Varsity and Grade 5-8 Track and Field – Tuesday, Thursday 

Grade 5-8 Basketball Season –Monday / Thursday 

Grade 5-8 Touch Rugby Season –Tuesday/ Thursday 

Upcoming Dates 

Thursday 28th March – Grade 5-8 Boys and Girls Friendly Football matches @ HIS vs Hupan School, Baimahu. (from 4:30) 

Saturday 30th March – HISAC Swim Meet – Round 3 @ Wellington College Hangzhou 

                    CCA information                   


Registrations have now closed for CCA3. Late registrations can still be submitted online at the HIS website for the CCA activities which still have available places. 

CCA3 begins immediately after Qingming Festival Holiday on Monday 8th April. 

CCA3 begins immediately after Qingming Festival Holiday on Monday 8th April. 

lease visit the Co-Curricular page on the HIS website for more information

You can also send an email to if you have any inquiries. 

CCA for K-Grade 5 students are from 3:15 – 4:15 with a few exceptions where the CCA will finish at 4:45. Please be on time to collect your child from the Main Gate at 4:15.  

Late Bus Service 

The late buses will begin service when CCA1 begins. If you are eligible for the Late Bus Service, you will have received an email this afternoon and now need to register for the late bus between now and this Thursday at 8am. 

Please note the following regarding access to late bus: 

If you do not register in time, you will not have access to the late bus for the 1st week of CCA. 

Only students who are eligible and registered for the regular morning/afternoon school bus service will be eligible for the Late Bus Service. 

Late buses are only for students who are registered and participating in one of our after-school activities on the day they wish to use the late bus (CCA, Swim Team, Athletics Teams, Performing Arts Rehearsals) 

Questions relating to the late bus can be directed to our Transportation Secretary MS. Tracy Zhu:  

When selecting CCA or Swim Team practice days, students should not register for any which conflict with their sports practice days.  

Students involved in Performing Arts rehearsals can participate in both activities if they can participate in at least 1 sports practice per week for their chosen sports.  

All information relating to HIS Athletics can be found at the following link:  

Registrations for sports teams are now open through the link below.  

                  GATE PROTOCOLS                 

Wearing masks to enter the school is optional for students and staff. Masks will still be available for students who want to wear them. 

Procedures and Protocols

Please ensure that if your child is ill that they do not attend school. If your child continues with a high temperature or remains unwell, please seek medical support. We ask that parents err on the side of caution and keep children at home until they have fully recovered. 


Moments 365 Help

Help with Moments 365 is available from Mr Emlyn Majoos (Mr.M) to ensure we have all parents using this platform.  If you need a Chinese or speaker of another language please contact Mr M.and we will arrange support.

Contacting Teachers

We ask parents to contact teachers via Moments 365 or by email. Teachers are busy working with students, attending meetings, preparing class materials, and ensuring student safety. They infrequently look at their computers or mobile phones and may miss your message. For changes to pick-up arrangements or urgent news, please get in touch with the school secretaries, who are online all day.

ECE             LS main building

Online teaching and Student/Teacher contact

For online teaching and correspondence between teachers and students we use TEAMS.

                  SWIMMING NEWS                


SCAN the QR Code




SCAN the QR Code


Monday: Regular Swim Team Practice (Tadpoles, Blue, Pre-Gold, Gold)

Tuesday: Swim Clinic (Gold - 6:30 – 7:30 AM), (Silver - 3:30 – 5:30 PM)

Wednesday: Swim Clinic (Gold - 6:30 – 7:30 AM), (Pre-Gold - 3:45 – 5:45 PM)

Thursday: Swim Clinic (Gold - 6:30 – 7:30 AM), (Bronze - 3:30 – 5:30 PM)

Friday: Blue and Tadpoles - 3:30 – 5:30 PM

Please plan accordingly and make your transportation arrangements.


Essential – Fins, Kickboard, Water bottle, Swimsuit, Goggles, Swim Cap

Recommended – Pull Buoy, Hand Paddle


We wish the best of luck to our HIS Dragons swimmers taking part this Saturday, March 30 at the HISAC Round 3 Swim Meet hosted by Wellington College Hangzhou!


Due 4:00 PM Tuesday, March 26



Gold Squad – Jake Li (G6)

Pre-Gold Squad – Yichun (Nemo) Zhang (G5)

Silver Squad – Layton Lao (G4)

Bronze Squad – Tilda Iburg (G6)

Blue Squad – Aloise Caboche (G5), Samuel Lu (G4)

Tadpoles – Erin Wu (G2)


March 26 to 29 – HIS Swim Clinic (New)

March 30 – HISAC Round 3 (WCIS)

April 13 & 14 – SSL Championships (SASPD)

Quick Links: Swim Team Registration and Handbook

2023-2024 Swim Meet Schedule

Aquatics Calendar

HIS Swim Records

Swim Meet Resul



Please assist staff by advising us early (before lunchtime) wherever possible, if you need your child to do something different at their usual pick-up time and location. Teachers focus on working and engaging their class while maintaining a safe environment. They get to their computers sporadically and may miss changes. In addition, some classes are with Specialist staff for the last lesson and bring the students to the pick-up locations. They may be unaware of last-minute changes.

If you need to make a late change to plans, I'd suggest you send a message to our Lower School secretaries, or in the ECE, and they can pass on your message.

              PAFA NEWS AND EVENTS          

HIS International Day 2024! -Save the date, Sunday, April 21st.  

What is International Day? 

Is an HIS traditional event at open to HIS students, parents, faculty, and staff members, and the wider HIS community. During the event, we all represent our cultural backgrounds participating in the “Parade of Nations”, followed by the Dragon and Lion Dance, traditional performances, activities, food from all over the world, and much more. 

If you would like to organize as a country and participate in any way to celebrate your cultural background and community (traditional food, share traditional games, perform a traditional dance/song on stage, share celebrations from your country), and if you are not in an HIS Families Groups, but either you or your child are from those countries,please contact Ms. Andrea Stubbs:

Family Groups (ONLY if you or your child are from the country): Germany, South Korea, France, China (HK, Macau, Taiwan), South America, USA, Italy, Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Philippines), India, UK, Australia and New Zealand, Portugal, Mexico, etc.  

 your country), please contact Ms. Andrea Stubbs:

PAFA Fitness

 Join us for a Yoga session this Thursday morning!


HIS PAFA Lunch – Namaste India: a cultural feast! 

The PAFA team left no stone unturned in creating an immersive Indian ambiance. The venue, Rosae Hall, was beautifully decorated with colorful fabrics, pretty umbrellas, and exquisite Indian Mandela paintings. To add an authentic touch, special decorations were brought directly from India, thanks to the efforts of Anuja. One corner of the hall showcased a decorated bicycle adorned with flowers, while the showstopper of the event was a photo booth shaped like an Indian auto-rickshaw.

As guests arrived, they were warmly welcomed at the registration table, where each person received a lovely Indian bangle and a bindi, a traditional forehead decoration. Some parents even dressed up in traditional Indian clothes,and PAFA had thoughtfully arranged a room displaying clothes borrowed from Indian parents, allowing everyone to experience the beauty of traditional Indian garments. It was heartwarming to witness parents donning sarees, suits, and Lenghas, taking pictures in colorful dupattas against the backdrop of the meticulously decorated area.

There were fun activities for everyone to enjoy and learn more about Indian culture. People could get henna tattoos on their hands, temporary designs. They also had pouches that they could decorate with pretty Indian laces and take home as souvenirs.

After the activities, everyone went inside and enjoyed a delicious variety of food from the hotel, including some tasty Indian dishes. The flavors and smells of the food made everyone feel like they were in India.

The highlight of the afternoon was the lively dance session led by Namrata, a talented HIS Parent on the infectious beats of Indian music. Everyone joined in and had a blast dancing together. The whole room was filled with laughter and happiness as parents showed off their dance moves.

Namaste India: A Cultural Celebration organized by PAFA was a big success. It brought people together and offered a glimpse into the vibrant and wonderful culture of India. It showed how important it is to appreciate and celebrate different cultures. By the end of the day, everyone had made great memories, formed new friendships, and gained an understanding and appreciation of Indian culture.

PAFA Kitchen -Chinese deliciouns cooking session

After a rejuvenating Chinese New Year break, we kicked off the Year of the Dragon with a unique cooking class led by our very own parent chef, Melody. With the assistance of two other parents, we delved into the world of Chinese cuisine on a chilly snowy morning. Excitement and warmth filled the classroom as we learned how to make a variety of dumplings, including chicken and shrimp, as well as vegetarian options for our non-meat eating friends. For many of us, it was our first time trying our hand at filling and folding dumplings, making for an unforgettable experience. From there, we moved on to cooking succulent pork ribs, infused with traditional Chinese spices, and a refreshing spicy tofu and enoki mushroom salad. As the ribs slowly cooked, Melody also taught us how to make a simple yet satisfying hot and sour soup, perfect for the winter weather. To top off the class, the Pafa kitchen team treated us to Thang yuan, a delicious Chinese dessert, while we all enjoyed our freshly cooked dishes and engaged in lively conversations. It was a fun and educational experience for our international parents, providing them with a glimpse into the world of Chinese cooking.

Indonesian Kitchendeliciouns cooking session

On a beautiful and bright Monday morning, the parents of the community gathered at The Kitchen to indulge in the flavors of Indonesia. The event was organized by our very own Pafa member Renata Branham and Yanti McLaren, with assistance from Katie Zhang. As the lively Indonesian music filled the air, the chefs began their class with a burst of vibrant colors from the ingredients used for cooking. The first recipe shared was Bakwan Jagung, a simple yet delicious corn fritter dish with a secret ingredient that delighted all the participants. Next, the famous Gado gado salad with peanut sauce dressing was taught, followed by the main course of Gulai Ayam and Temp Orek, both of which were incredibly flavorful. To end the session on a sweet note, the chefs shared  Kue Lapis, a traditional dessert. As the aroma of the dishes filled the room, it caught the attention of various students and faculty as well who were around for their lunch. It was a truly enjoyable and enriching Monday morning for all who attended.

Fridays HIS Artisan Food Market is back! Every Friday from 2:30 to 4:30 pm

Every Friday Hangzhou International School along with our community Artisans will offer to purchase tasty treats and excellent snacks from the different food vendors attending.

Come for a pleasant afternoon to end the school week, and head out for a relaxing and fun weekend with a happy stomach!

For information, contact Ms. Andrea:


HIS Social Media.

Follow us and subscribe to our channels!


Andrea Stubbs

Director of Admissions and Community Relations

Hangzhou International School

2190 Xiangbin Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou 310052 Phone: 86-571-8669-0045

                SECURITY- HI SID CARDS         

Parent and Student ID Cards

All students and parents should have an HIS Identification Card. Please review the information on the website to submit your photo to the secretary for ID card generation. HIS ID card information


Please can I ask you to remove the QR code and instead update the link so that it directs people directly to the website (rather than the PDF)?

School Uniform

Please wear our school uniform with pride each day, and we seek your support in having your child dressed in the complete uniform each day. We will notify you if it is a special day to dress up; otherwise, students should be in uniform. Also, please have your child wear their PE kit on swim days (Grade1-5). Please label your child's clothing to help us return it to you. We often find many items without names, and the students cannot recognize their belongings.    

Purchasing School Uniform

Families can purchase items at the Dragon Shop. It is open

Monday to Friday from 

*8.05 am-2.45 pm and 3.15 pm-4.00 pm

For more information, please contact the dragon shop:

Alternatively, if you need to link, check it out here

                                            LS ADMINISTRATION TEAM                                

Lynn Pendleton

Lower School/ECE Principal 

Rene Smal

ECE Coordinator

Vice Principal


Jessica Johnson

Lower School

Vice Principal 

PYP Co-ordinator

                                                  SCHOOL LUNCH                                          

What's for Lunch?

See this week's cafeteria menu

HIS Mission Statement

We provide international learners with opportunities to pursue academic and personal excellence within a caring community.