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Upper School Newsletter April 29, 2024



Apr 24-May16   DP EXAMINATION                        Apr 30           PARENT MEETING China Trips        May 1           Labor Day Holiday (No School)        May 2-9        NWEA Testing (Gr 6-8)                        May 20-24    China Trips (Gr 6-10)                            June 1            SAT                                                        June 1           High School Formal                              June 3-11      Gr. 11 Exams                                        June 4           Gr 8 Community Project Exhibition      June 11-14    Gr. 9 World of Work                            June 14         Graduation                                              June 15         Dragon Run                                            June 19         Film Festival Finals                                June 20         Grade 8 Promotion Ceremony                June 21         Last Day of School


Mr. Fursey Gotuaco

Upper School Principal



                                           Susan Gale


Rishi Aggarwal              Carlos Chu              Diego Cobian Wu             Shark Gao

Colin Hsu                       David Lou               Preston Ren                      Allen Wang

Borja Wang Xu              Yu-Chen Wu            Lukas Xu                          Simone Xu

David Yang                     Jed Yeoman             Oliver Zhang                    Anna Lu

August Xu                      Joshua Cui               Aisha Baochengdani        Hosang Tam

Michael Ba                     Jason Chen              Amy Chen                        Luupeeta Dhawan

Nicky Fang                     Celia Guo                Mindy Kim                      Katerina Li

Tonya Liu                        Andy Lu                  Polly Song                       Rihei Suzuki     

Paweieke Tukula             Bonnie Wang          Zi Hao Wang                    Alice Wu

London Xia                     Karen Xu                 Kathy Xu                         Derek Xu

Jeffery Zheng                  Joy Zuo                    Micah Lu                         Andrew Zhu

William Xu                     Sophia Shen             Lucas Li                           Jack Ma

Elaine Lu                        Fedex Xu                  Oliver Zhang                   Naomi Xia

Lydia Yu                         Amber Lam               Allison Wang                  Daisy Zhang

Henry Tang                     Divay Aggarwal       Jayden Hwang                 Prisha Jeswani

Ruhi Gianchandani         Kanisha Daulatani    Anna Zhao Karlsson       David Yang

Sylvia Hao                      Joy Zuo                     Jessie Tang                     Angel Li

Ben Branham                  Calvin Lam               Chris Huang                   Gabriel Li         

Sanyukta Shewakremani

The stars shined brightly this weekend as we hosted the ACAMIS Spring Leadership Conference.  We had the largest ever turnout for this conference at over 500 people.  It was an opportunity for our school to put our best foot forward... And we did!

We had our grade 9 Theatre students on stage singing, dancing, creating visual projections, and creating amazing spectacles.  They blew the audience away with a one of a kind performance.

We had our grade 9 musicians playing on the Saturday with a brilliant piece that moved from east to west and moved our audience. 

We had our Longyin Club leading Chinese Culture workshops for adults, teaching adults, encouraging adults to do these same kinds of activities at their own schools.

We had 2 students doing individual work.  Grade 10 Micah Lu played the guitar for the whole crowd on Saturday morning while Grade 7 Chris Huang led a Tai Chi session for several participants.

And spread throughout the entire conference, we had our MUN bravely standing in front of groups of principals and superintendents, introducing themselves and the workshop leaders.  I can tell you from experience how daunting a task this is.  Some of these guest speakers they were introducing were were well known professional speakers from America and Australia... VERY IMPOSING!  And our kids were up there with them, side by side, shaking hands, and shining brightly!

In another arena, 2 HIS groups won awards.  The first was the Jim Koerschen Award for Innovation in Schools.  This was won by members of our GIN Club for a project that they put forth in the field of science.  Our students and faculty won a $1500.00 grant.  The 2nd award was a Service Learning Grant won by Saanvi Tyagi for her work with the Blood Drive.  


There will be no school this WEDNESDAY, for LABOR DAY. 

PAFA Fitness

Join us for a Power walk session this Thursday morning! 

Zhejiang American Cultural Fair

HIS and the USA Consulate General Shanghai are organizing the Zhejiang American Cultural Fair with activities and information, and it’s open to everyone in the community, not only to American citizens. 

However, at the event, all American citizens will have access to the American consular services offered only at the Consulate General in Shanghai, but you must register in advance. QR in the poster attached. 

There will be other activities, and everyone in the community can join in the fun.


go to the calendar tab on the school website and scroll down

 Empowering Students with Knowledge:

An Introduction to Khan Academy

by Danie de Beer

Director of Technology

In the fast-paced world of education, Khan Academy stands out as a beacon of knowledge and empowerment for students of all ages. Founded in 2008 by educator Salman Khan, this non-profit organization has revolutionized the way students learn by providing free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

Mission and Goals:

At the core of Khan Academy's mission is the belief that education is a fundamental human right. Their goal is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. By offering a diverse range of subjects and resources, Khan Academy aims to level the playing field in education, ensuring that every student has access to quality learning materials regardless of their background or location.

What Khan Academy Offers:

Interactive Lessons: 
Khan Academy offers a wide array of interactive lessons in subjects ranging from math and science to humanities and test preparation. These lessons are designed to engage students through videos, practice exercises, and quizzes, helping them grasp complex concepts at their own pace.

Personalized Learning: 
One of Khan Academy's key strengths is its adaptive learning technology, which tailors lessons to each student's individual needs. By analyzing a student's progress and performance, the platform provides personalized recommendations to help them improve and excel in their studies.

Teacher Resources: 
Khan Academy also provides resources for educators, including lesson plans, instructional videos, and tools for tracking student progress. These resources empower teachers to enhance their classroom instruction and support their students' learning journey.

With a user-friendly interface and a mobile app, Khan Academy ensures that learning is accessible anytime, anywhere. Students can access a wealth of educational content on their computers, tablets, or smartphones, making learning convenient and flexible.

Impact on Students:

Khan Academy has had a profound impact on students around the world. By making high-quality education accessible to all, the platform has empowered learners to achieve academic success, pursue their passions, and unlock their full potential. Students of all ages and backgrounds have benefited from Khan Academy's resources, gaining confidence, knowledge, and skills that will serve them well in their academic and professional endeavors.

Khan Academy's commitment to providing free, world-class education to students globally is truly commendable. By leveraging technology and innovation, Khan Academy is transforming the landscape of education and empowering students to reach new heights of learning and achievement. Whether you're a student, teacher, or lifelong learner, Khan Academy is a valuable resource that can enrich your educational journey and inspire you to dream big.
Visit their website @


Fine Arts performances during lunch this week include:

Band on Friday, Middle School Lunch

Theater on Friday, High School Lunch

                                  HIS                                             COLLEGE COUNSELING INFORMATION     


University Counseling Tips

US Applications -Grade 9-12-“Early Applications -Part II”

Mark Donagher

Head of Guidance and University Counseling

University Counseling Tips #5

Last week we looked at early applications . This week let’s look at some of the advantages/disadvantages of applying early to US universities and get a better understanding of just how impactful they can be.

The first thing about early applications is that they definitely increase your chances of getting in to schools that offer them-especially early decision. How much advantage can you get you ask? Well depending on the school you can increase your chances by 100, 200, 300% or more!! When your odds of getting accepted go from 5% to 15% odds are still difficult to get in but you have definitely increased your chances. Just last week I was in a meeting with an admission officer from Washington University in St.Louis-a fantastic school and they quite openly admitted that if any student wants to get into their school -they had better apply ED. Just to give you their acceptance rates for example a 9.2% acceptance rate for regular decision compared to a 26.2% acceptance rate for ED. A 280% better chance of getting in by applying ED. It is not a stretch to say that for any student their best hope of getting into a most selective US university is to apply ED if the option exists.

That is great to know- but is there a drawback? Well , yes there is. As I mentioned last week- ED is binding so you are accepting an offer without knowing the cost. For some students that is a huge risk. For example if you get into your ED school you can not compare scholarship offers. The option to compare offers and go to the school that gives you the most money is closed. Therefore it wouldn’t be a surprise for you to know that the lower the economic status of the student-the less chance they will apply ED.

If you are interested in learning more about ED applications and the role they could play in your child’s US application -reach out to your counselor and they would be happy to talk about US application strategies with you.

Next week in our deep dive in US applications let’s look at the qualitative piece in the US application process and get a better understanding of what universities are looking for.

Until then safe counseling!


TEST DATE                       REGISTRATION                                        MAY 4                                   APRIL 19

JUNE 1                                   MAY 17



We encourage students to contact one of the university counselors  with any questions about university entrance requirements. 

           Mr. Mark Donagher

                Ms. Iris Zhang

                Ms. Carrie Sun

                Dr. Ryan Beddows

                Dr. Monica Prieto


Current Seasons 

Varsity Football (Soccer) - Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

Varsity and Grade 5-8 Track and Field – Tuesday, Thursday 

Grade 5-8 Basketball Season –Monday / Thursday 

Grade 5-8 Touch Rugby Season –Tuesday/ Thursday 

Upcoming Dates 

Friday -Saturday 3rd & 4th May – ACAMIS Track and Field Championships SSIS-SZ 
Saturday 11th May – CISSA Track and Field – Boston International School Wuxi 
Saturday 11th May – HISAC Basketball 

Saturday 18th May – CISSA Basketball - Shanghai 


Did you know that drowning is a leading cause of accidental death for children? This month of May, HIS Aquatics focuses on educating our students and the community about the significance of supervision, the use of life jackets, and the necessity of learning to swim. Understanding water safety is essential for people of all ages to enjoy the pleasures of aquatic environments without risking harm.

Drowning remains one of the leading causes of unintentional injury-related death for children under the age of 14, making it imperative for parents and guardians to be vigilant and proactive. Water safety classes, first aid and CPR training, and awareness campaigns are just a few initiatives to spread knowledge and skills that could be lifesaving. As summer approaches and families prepare for pool parties and beach vacations, Water Safety Month stands as a beacon, guiding us towards a safer, more enjoyable experience by the water. 


May – Water Safety Month 

May 15 – International Water Safety Day 

June 20 – The World's Largest Swimming Lesson 2024 


HIS Swimming Pool Facility, "The Wave," has just received an Advanced Audit by one of the Ellis & Associates National Staff Auditors. 

Operational safety audits are randomly conducted to assist the facility in evaluating the aquatic safety and risk management operations. The actions, findings, recommendations, and opinions rendered by the auditor representative are limited to the operational conditions that exist during the audit. Audits are utilized as a "risk management tool" to enhance the existing pool operation. During the observational period, the entire staff at HIS did an excellent job in implementing the ILTP and other E&A (Ellis & Associates) programs. 



Gold Squad – Rachel Wang (G6) 

Pre-Gold Squad – Nicky Fang (G9) 

Silver Squad – Ning Ning Wang (G6) 

Bronze Squad – Beck Mi (G5) 

Blue Squad – Sharon Jiang (G5), Abby Wen (G4) 

Tadpoles –  


We are thrilled to announce that several of our dedicated Dragon swimmers have made significant improvements and are moving up a level! This is a demonstration of their hard work, perseverance, and the countless hours they have spent perfecting their strokes. 

Congratulations to the following swimmers: 

Bronze Squad to Silver Squad 

Jasmine Xu (G3), Angela Chen (G5), Tilda Iburg (G6), Yushi (Daniel) Liu - Bronze to Silver 

Silver Squad to Pre-Gold Squad 

Nikolas Borsdorf (G3), Yibu (Lucas) Guo (G3), Stan (Kevin) Sha (G6) - Yifan (Evan) Hu (G7), Daniel Qu (G7) 


Swim Team Registration and Handbook 

2023-2024 Swim Meet Schedule 

Aquatics Calendar 

HIS Swim Records 

Swim Meet Results 

International Baccalaureate  Diploma Programme



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Student Leadership is a priority here at HIS. 

Each week, we spotlight a student leader and give them an opportunity to tell you about their clubs, sports, and activities.  

Our Long Yin Club shined as they presented workshops for school leaders from across China and Mongolia!  

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CLICK for Dragon Shop Catalogue

Middle School Uniform Guidelines 6-8

Middle Schoolers should wear tan shorts, trousers, or skirts and a navy blue polo shirt (short or long sleeved) with the HIS book logo. A navy fleece or cardigan sweater with the HIS logo or other approved outerwear such as the HIS hoodie sweatshirt can be worn in the cooler weather. All students must wear laced shoes.

High School Uniform Guidelines 9-12

High Schoolers should wear tan shorts or trousers, or plaid skirts (girls only) and a light blue Oxford cloth button down short or long sleeved short with the HIS book logo. A navy fleece or cardigan sweater with the HIS logo or other approved outerwear such as the HIS hoodie sweatshirt can be worn in the cooler weather. All students must wear laced shoes.

Students will be asked to remove outerwear (coats, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc) in lessons unless they carry the HIS logos. Students who are cold will be invited to go to the Dragon Shop to purchase acceptable HIS items. 

Families can purchase items at the Dragon Shop open 

Mondays to Fridays from 

8:05am - 2:45pm and 3:15pm - 4:00pm

For more information, please contact the Dragon Shop:


See the updated lunch menu weekly and monthly as posted on the school website. 

Lunch Menu

HIS Mission Statement

We provide international learners with opportunities to pursue academic and personal excellence within a caring community.

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