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Tuition and Fees

Hangzhou International School



Tuition and Fees
2018-2019 (in RMB)

Summary of fees and conditions:

School fees for the 2018-2019 school year include daily lunch at school (full day students) and one “start up” set of the school uniform. For Upper School students (grades 6-12), use of school-loaned technology (see our technology use guidelines online for further information) and compulsory program trip fees are included.

Application Fee: (non-refundable) RMB 2,000

The application fee is non-refundable and payable when the student’s application is completed and submitted to the school for consideration. This fee is not applicable to other school fees but is valid for up to one academic year beyond the submitted application date.

Seat Guarantee Deposit: RMB 20,000

Upon acceptance to HIS, this deposit (which is applicable to the first semester or annual fee) will secure the seat until the June 1, 2018 tuition payment deadline. The seat guarantee deposit is due for all returning families by March 16, 2018 and is due within ten working days of the offer of enrollment for new families. Once the due date has passed, a seat may be offered to other students in the waitpool. A refund of the seat guarantee fee will not be granted if the parent/guardian withdraws their child/ren from school, or if he/she is withdrawn due to academic, medical or behavioral concerns that inhibit their ability to function in the regular school environment.


Annual Payment

(Due Date: June 01, 2018)

Semester 1 Payment


(Due Date: June 01, 2018)

Semester 2 Payment


(Due Date: Dec 01, 2018)

Nursery (half day)

RMB 105,000

RMB 55,000

RMB 55000

Nursery (full day),


RMB 135,000

RMB 70,000

RMB 70,000

Kindergarten Grade 5

RMB 170,000

RMB 87,500

RMB 87,500

Grades 6-12

RMB 195,000

RMB 100,000

RMB 100,000

Capital Fee: RMB 20,000

The capital fee provides the needed funds for ongoing school facility enhancements, such as major renovations, building maintenance, equipment and other projects aimed at school improvement. It is a one time non-refundable fee paid upon admission for all newly enrolled students to HIS.

Bus Transportation Fees:

Transportation is arranged for school hours of 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. based on the following rates:

Annual Payment

RMB 12,000

Semester Payment

RMB 6,500

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Fee: RMB 10,000
The one time non-refundable TESOL fee is over and above the standard tuition fee and is compulsory for all students, grades 1-10, whose native language is not English or who have been referred for additional language assessment and/or support. The fee must be paid in full upon enrollment.

IB Language A (other than Mandarin or English) Course Fee: RMB 10,000
Annual, non-refundable fee will be charged to Grade 11 and 12 students enrolled in Language A Literature subjects when instruction is provided in languages other than Mandarin or English within the IB Diploma Programme options.

Exam Fees: It is the responsibility of the parents to cover all external exam costs (i.e. SAT, ACT, AP and IB) as these exams are not part of high school graduation requirements.

Prepayment of IB Diploma Programme Examination Fees (Grade 12 Students only): RMB 6,500

As most HIS Grade 12 students will register in all IB Diploma Programme subjects, parents may prepay the costs for IB examinations. The fee includes candidate registration, subject examination costs, shipping/handling, and administration.

Sibling Discount:

A 5% reduction on the total annual tuition fee is applied to any family enrolling three or more siblings.

Payment of fees:

If payment is made by USD check, please use the USD exchange rate at the time of payment and add US$40 to the total amount to cover bank clearance charges. If the payment is made by wire transfer, any bank charge will be the responsibility of the payer. Regardless of payment option, all fees must be settled before the student begins class. Teachers must have a minimum of three days’ notice before student attendance.

Refund Policy:

1. If a student withdraws for the following school year and notifies the school (in writing) by March 16, HIS will refund the full tuition and seat guarantee amount paid.

2. If a student withdraws before the start of the first semester and notifies the school (in writing) by July 31, HIS will refund the semester or annual payment made after deducting RMB 20,000 seat guarantee.

3. If a student withdraws before the start of the first semester, but notifies (in writing) the school after July 31, HIS will refund the semester or annual payment made after deducting RMB 30,000.

4. If a student withdraws after the start of the first semester, gives notification (in writing) of withdrawal by December 1, and does not attend any days of school in semester two, HIS will refund the annual payment made minus the semester fee, as listed above.

5. If notification (in writing) of withdrawal is made after December 1 but before the start of the second semester, HIS will refund the annual payment made minus the semester fee and an additional RMB 20,000.

6. Once a semester is underway, no refund for that semester is possible, regardless of whether the student has attended classes or not.

7. Refunds will not be offered to students who are dismissed from school for academic or behavioral misconduct, or to students who have not disclosed learning issues which HIS cannot address.

8. School fees are not transferable.

9. Refunds are processed after the student’s last day of attendance, once the return of school materials has been verified.

10. Refunds will be transferred to the party making the fee payments within 30 working days.

Methods of fee payment:

1. Fees may be paid by bank transfer* (see further instructions below).

2. Fees may be paid by check, in RMB or US dollars (according to the daily rate of exchange), at any of our campuses.

3. Fees may be paid in RMB cash. We regret that HIS is not able to accept U.S. Dollar cash payments.

Transfers from outside of CHINA: (In USD*)

Transfers from within CHINA: (In RMB)



670 Huang Jin Cheng Dao Shanghai China

Hangzhou International School

Account: 1001310909148001371


(*According to the exchange rate the day of the transaction)




Hangzhou International School



*Required if choosing Wire Transfer Payment Option

Because wire transfers often pass through several intermediate banks before they are deposited into the HIS account, the process may take several days to reach the HIS account. It is often difficult and/or impossible to determine the student or family making the payment from the bank notice of deposit.

To insure that your payment through wire transfer is properly credited, please email to HISpayment@his-china.org. Please write your child’s name, grade, and campus in the subject line of the email.