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Chinese Language

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” -Chinese Proverb

Our students are inquirers, thinkers, communicators, knowledgeable and risk-takers At HIS, our Mandarin program offers a challenging, engaging and exciting curriculum for both native Chinese and nonnative Chinese learners at a variety of levels to suit their needs. 

Each year, our students and teachers in Mandarin work closely with the homerooms across the grade levels to provide connections to both literacy and inquiry. Students undertake a variety of investigations outside the classroom and then returning to build on and making deeper meaning what they have observed. By embedding Mandarin learning in authentic and meaningful situations, the children are developing into more confident and competent Mandarin speakers and listeners.

We recognize that children use language as a vehicle for inquiry, self-expression and for the communication of ideas. Thoughtful, reflective communicators are able to understand, comprehend and appreciate the world around them. It is through the use of language that children develop responsible attitudes and take appropriate action in order to make a difference in the world.

The ability to communicate in more than one language allows students to participate more fully in their community and in the greater global community, and as Mandarin is the host language in China, we are proud to see our students engaging with the Mandarin curriculum and putting it to use in a variety of ways.

在HIS学中文 在这里,我们的学生是探索者,思想家,传播者,求学者和冒险家。

在HIS,我们的普通话课程为来自不同层次的母语汉语和非母语汉语学习者提供具有挑战性,吸引力和激动 人心的课程,以满足他们的需求。

每年,我们各年级的中文课师生打破教室界限,贯穿相通,将中文学习与探索紧密结合。学生在课外进行各 种调研,然后返回课堂上将他们所观察到的进行创造和深入。通过将中文学习嵌入真实而有意义的情境中, 孩子们正在发展成为更加优秀自信的中文演讲者和听众。

我们认识到,儿童将语言应用作为他们探索世界、自我表达和思想交流的工具,一个深思熟虑并善于反思的 交流者更能够领悟、理解和欣赏周围的世界。也正是通过语言使用,使孩子们逐渐形成负责任的态度,采用 适当的行动去推动世界发展。

多语言交流的能力可以让学生们更充分地参与到他们的群体以及更广泛的全球化范畴,而中文作为中国的母 语,我们很骄傲看到我们的学生主动参与到了中文课程里,并自如地以各种方式来实现应用。

Chinese Language