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Imagine, discover, and connect

The HIS library is your gateway to a wide range of print and online resources. This collection of resources and information is accessible to the entire HIS community for reference and borrowing. We provide both physical and digital access to the material. Our community computer lab provides access to a world-class collection of high-quality and trusted online and print resources.

You can access our resources via the Oliver Portal here:

Oliver Portal (Library)

Once in our Oliver portal, you will have access to a list of trusted sites as well as a catalog of physical resources housed in our library and media center. These sites include academic databases, curriculum support,  safe search engines, current events, and research support, among others.

HIS Community Libraries

Opening times- All libraries are open 7:30 am - 4:30 pm.  

ECE Library - Location: ECE Building, 2nd floor  

The ECE Library is a comfy, relaxing, and fun place for students from Early Years to Kindergarten where they can read and listen to stories and check out books each week. Students have access to both age-appropriate English and Mandarin books with a variety of choices. Students can create their own books and stories, act out the stories they like, and experience the joy of children's books. Our marvelous library is a wonderful place for students, parents, and faculty to read, research, and explore new ideas. We look forward to seeing you in the library!


Lower School Library - Location: Main Building, 1st Floor, SW Wing 

The Lower School Library is where students from Grades 1 to 5 come for their weekly library checkout times. Students have the opportunity to explore the resources available, take part in different reading programs, and have fun while reading. This includes “Quote of the Week”, Battle of the Books and so much more! There is a large variety of books ranging from non-fiction, picture books, and fiction books to choose from. Students can check out three books at a time but are welcome to visit the library daily to exchange books. The library is also a place for learning information and digital literacy skills throughout the grades. Fostering a love of reading and an inquiring mind is key and we look forward to welcoming you all to the Lower School Library.  


Upper School Library  - Location: Main Building, 1st Floor, NW Wing 

The Upper School Library shares its space with the HIS gift shop, café, and large, multifunctional meeting area. We cater to grades 6 to 12 and often see busy students perusing our bookshelves while slurping down smoothies between classes. The “hang out” atmosphere of the US library lends itself well to the various activities continually happening at HIS—everything from student council meetings to PAFA mornings to study block sessions happen within our robust walls. Offering a growing selection of fiction and non-fiction books, our library is at the heart of everything going on in the Upper School. When we librarians are offered the chance to step away from the robust walls and bookshelves in our space, we can usually be found in a classroom offering a workshop on information literacy or assisting students with their all-too-important research projects and essays. No matter how random the topic, the US librarians are always happy to help students, parents, and teachers find what they’re looking for.  


Parent accounts 

Please contact the relevant librarian (depending on which grade your child is in) if you would like to set up a parent account to loan books.     

Contact details: 

ECE Library: 

Lower School Library: 

Upper School Library: 

Our Library Team

Sara Freeman

Sara Freeman

Titles: Upper School Librarian and ARC Coordinator
Ingrid Majoos

Ingrid Majoos

Titles: Lower School Librarian
Ivy Zhang

Ivy Zhang

Titles: ECE Co-Librarian