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The HIS library is your gateway to a wide range of print and online resources. This collection of resources and information is accessible to the entire HIS community for reference and borrowing. We provide both physical and digital access to material. Our community computer lab  provides access to a world class collection of high-quality and trusted online and print resources. For questions, please visit or email us at
You can access our resources in a variety of ways: Navigate to our website and use Quick Links to go to our Destiny portal. Go to and click on our school link. Use our community computer lab and receive on-site support from our library staff. Once in our Destiny portal, you will have access to a list of trusted sites as well as a catalog of physical resources housed in our library and media center. These sites include academic databases, curriculum support, audiobook collections, safe search engines, current events, and research support, among others.




Community Computer Lab

The Community Computer Lab in the Library is primarily used for workshops regarding the acquisition of research, thinking, self-management, collaboration, and communiction skills to enhance information literacy through the effective use of library and Internet resources. Our academic and administrative staff, as well as community members, may reserve the Lab through our room booking system The Lab is also open to other users on a first come, first served basis when it is not in use for instruction.

Library News

Living Library

The energy in the room was ecstatic as students and community members checked out the “living books” at our inaugural Living Library event, “I AM the STORY.” For five hours on Friday, April 26th, Hangzhou International School Community Library became a vibrant meeting place for students to have personal exchanges with some fabulous “living books,” which included students, teachers, business managers, and parents.  “I AM the STORY” is about sharing culture, perspective and experiences while building empathy, compassion, and understanding through exploring who we are and where we come from. "Books" shared stories that ranged from how they learned to type to living through war. Each of the volunteer community members brought their past experiences, knowledge of life, and cultural values to share within their 15-minute time slots.

HIS was so pleased at the amount of students that volunteered their time as both stories and assistants in order to be a part of this unique event. These Grade 8 students had this to say about the event.

“I talked to Bany because her story was emotional and gave you the feeling of being there” (Daniel Fryer).

“The Living Library was helpful to understand and know different cultures and perspectives” (Dieter Armstrong).

“The stories that were told with emotion engaged us and made us want to go again” (Yuki Chan).

Keep your eyes open for future Living Library events at Hangzhou International School Community Library.

Check out the video of the HIS Living Library here:

Idiom of the week: A hot potato. Speak of an issue (mostly current) which many people are talking about and which is usually disputed.

Come down to the library and write a sentence including the phrase for a chance to win a prize from the HIS Café.

What is an idiom? An idiom is an expression not defined by the individual words in the phrase.

Featured book of the week: 

Fly Guy

It all begins one day when a fly goes flying, looking for something to eat, and a boy goes walking, looking for something to catch for the pet show. After the boy catches the fly, he is amazed to find out that the fly calls him by his name — Buzz! Buzz's parents think the fly is a pest, not a pet.

Reading level Emergent: Grades PK-2

Arnold, Tedd, “Fly Guy.” Scholastic Inc. New York, USA, 2016. 

Our Team

Matthew Baxter

Titles: Media Specialist   
Projects and Professional Development Coordinator




Amy Xu

Title: Library Assistant