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Laptop Program and Macbook Specifications

Connecting students to a world of learning

HIS Mac School

Information literacy and technology literacy are essential for success in society. An internet-connected laptop, along with dedicated instruction and supervision, can open up a whole new world of learning and expression for a student. Thus, parents of students entering grade 6 through grade 12 are responsible to provide a recent model Apple Macbook laptop for dedicated use by their student at school on a daily basis (see below for acceptable models and recommended “hard disc” size). (Grade 5 students use a school-owned laptop during the school day. This laptop remains at the school.) Parents, of course, have veto power over laptop usage when the laptop is not at school.

Macbook Program Details

If you still have questions specific to the laptop after reading the information below, including the FAQ, or if f you have questions about the Tech Curriculum, please email or visit the Tech Pagoda, across from the Gym next to the lockers.

Laptop Collection for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

All laptops will be collected at the end of the school year.

Non-return Policy

In the special circumstance that a student does not return their assigned Macbook Air due to an unpredictable situation, they must pay the cost of replacement. The replacement fee is determined by the current pro-rated value of the laptop based on its age combined with reimaging, software, and labor costs. A laptop non-return must be reported and paid within 10 days of loss.

Laptop Age

Replacement Fee

0-1 years

5980 RMB

1-2 years

4784 RMB

2-3 years

3588 RMB