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HIS Student Technology Support Community

Support Information

The HIS Padawans is made up entirely of Upper School students and we are very good at understanding how technology works. Padawans want to find a solution for all the problems and have a helping hand with everyone they can. We can solve a lot of computer problems and some of them can be downloading school related apps on personal laptops. Tech support can help people in a lot of different ways including creating tutorials, classroom support, and helping in the Tech Pagoda.

Example tech support requests:

  1. Installing Self Service,Gimp
  2. Frozen Macbook
  3. Providing tutorials for apps such as Gimp
  4. Blank Screen
  5. Wifi Issues


Important HIS Links

Support Team


Graphic Designer

I’m Joey. I’m the student from HIS, I’m good at drawing and make poster. Now I’m 15 years old, and I’m in grade 9. if you have any problem’s about computers, please email the Padawans!



I am from China. I am a member of HIS Padawans. I wanedt to join this group because I love computers, and I can solve problems with PC and Mac. I feel like I belong to this group and I think this groups future is going to begreat. I have a lot of knowledge in mac because I use Mac for 3 years, and I use windows system for years.


Project Manager

Hi my name is Mohit and I am a member of the HIS Padawans. I am in 9.2 and I like how technology works. Since my childhood I have always like opening stuff and learning more about technology. In the future I would love to know a lot more about technology, and I want to open a  laptop soon and see the parts inside🤣




Hi my name is Phillip I am A 9th grader now working in the HIS tech support called the Padawans organization. I am interested at computer coding, firewall and making tutorials. I'll be making sure that people are knowing what to do on a laptop and just generally helping people with tech stuff if there are any questions there is a website that you can go down in the description to get help with tech related stuff.



Website Designer

I’m Justin Ji, a 9th grade Hangzhou International School student. I am one of the members of the HIS Tech Support Padawans. I’ve experienced many types of technology-based products and attended many related exercises. I’ve used the Apple devices such as MacBook Air or Pro, so I am familiar with some apple devices. In addition to it, I attended technology app utilizing class for3 years since I was in 4th grade. The most interesting thing about technology that I found while I learn about this concept, was I am able to demonstrate creativity and integrity on many practicable various applications such as coding or Tinkercad, which is 3D printer application. if you wants to get any technology-related help, come to me. I will provide beneficial support for anybody.

Karl Suits

Mr. Suits
Padawans Supervisor

May the Force Be With You

,Oxford English Dictionary Adds Jedi, Padawan, Light Sabre and more Star  Wars Terms | Know Your Meme

HIS Padawans