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Screen Time

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Healthy technology use is very important in our digital age. Parents, please keep in mind the recommended amount of screen time that your child spends on digital entertainment (excluding homework) each day. You are responsible for setting screen time limits for your child. Apps such as OurPact (iPhone and Android) and DinnerTime Plus (Android) can help you to schedule screen time on family devices.  The iPhone features full screen time controls and directions can be found here. Other helpful apps to consider are Freedom and Self-Control.


Daily Usage

< 18 months

0 Hours

2-5 years

1 Hour

> 6 years

1-2 Hours


It is recommended for students to have tech-free bedrooms. Students should finish their homework before entertainment screen time. Parents are the role models for their children and children can tell if their parents’ heads are always in their cells. For this reason, families are encouraged to spend media-free times together daily.


Screen Time