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Middle Years Programme



What is MYP and what does it look like at HIS?

Students in Grades 6-10 at Hangzhou International School follow the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP). For our students, this rigorous and holistic approach is ideal preparation for the Diploma Programme, as it develops the knowledge and skills that will be essential for success in their final years at school.

The MYP curriculum is interdisciplinary in nature, which connects some subject learning of Languages, Social Studies, Sciences, the Arts, Physical/Health Education, and Design/Computer Technology within interdisciplinary themes.

Teachers plan their units of work around the Key and Related Concepts and make connections to Global Contexts in order to ensure that student learning is all-encompassing, conceptual, integrated, and highly relevant. Inquiry questions guide the units to ensure that students are not simply fed information but learn to seek out answers for themselves. Our students learn skills and strategies in self-management, critical thinking, communicating, research, and collaborating throughout the curriculum at HIS and in lessons specially designed to develop these Approaches to Learning

In addition to these interdisciplinary subjects, students receive additional important personal and social guidance through an advisory/pastoral program that assigns a small number of students to one faculty advisor. Also, students will need to complete a Community Project in Grade 8 and a Personal Project in Grade 10.

HIS Middle Years students become confident collaborators and communicators during their time with us, with ample opportunities for performance, community service, leadership, and project-based learning, both in and out of lessons.


Language A (Language and Literature)

Students can take the following courses:

  • English
  • Chinese

Language B (Language Acquisition)

Students can take the following courses. Each language has available phases 1-6

  • Chinese
  • English
  • Spanish 

Social Studies (Individuals and Societies)

An integrated course combining History, Geography, Government, and Business.
Sciences An integrated course combining Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Systems.
Mathematics An integrated course focusing on Algebra, Geometry, Number, Probability, Statistics, and Trigonometry.

Performing Arts

  • Music (students can choose between Orchestra, Strings, Choir)
  • Dance
  • Drama

Visual Arts

  • Film
  • Art
Design An integrated class using the design cycle to address and provide solutions to problems from a product design perspective.
Physical and Health Education An integrated class incorporating physical activity to develop heathy lifestyles through movement, nutrition, and learning.



  • Chinese
  • English
  • Spanish

Social Emotional Curriculum (Advisory Program)
A class to support student pastoral development and leadership skills