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PAFA (Parents and Friends Association) at Hangzhou International School is committed to promoting parent and community involvement. The PAFA group coordinates programs, events, and fundraising activities outside of the school curriculum. Our inclusive approach fosters diversity, ensuring that all parents and families feel welcomed and valued. Through close collaboration with school leadership, including administrators, teachers, and staff, we work together to cultivate a positive and productive school culture. Together, we aim to create a united parent community where every member is actively engaged in shaping their child’s educational journey and building a stronger HIS community.

Examples of PAFA-organized events:
• PAFA Luncheons
• International Day Booths
• Lower School and Upper School Bake Shares
• Lower School Dances/Movie nights
• Lower School Talent shows
• School decorations for festivities
• Family picnics, hikes/day trips by grade levels/classes
• Teacher Appreciation Day

We'd love to hear from you! For more information, contact: 

HIS PAFA Lunch to celebrate Chinese New Year 2024