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Learning Support

At HIS we believe all our children deserve an excellent education. We are committed to providing an inclusive learning experience for students with mild learning/sensory differences on an individualized basis, and have learning support specialists for both upper and lower schools.

Our learning specialists work closely with students, teachers, and parents to clarify what support students may need in order to achieve their full potential. At times, support might mean finding ways to incorporate classroom strategies that benefit all students. Occasionally, a group of students might need a mini-lesson on “how to convert fractions” using a scaffolded approach, or another small group might work on developing reading fluency by attending to pace and expression.

Student Support Services works with Lower School students in all academic areas, aligns service learning opportunities for Lower School students, and coordinates additional services for meaningful cohesion. In the Upper School, Student Support Services consults with faculty members, provides direct support for students in the classroom, and offers after-school tutoring.

Teachers and parents can refer students to the learning support program at HIS. Our aim is to optimize learning opportunities for students so they can successfully pursue personal and academic excellence within a caring community.  

When internal and/or external assessments have been completed the team makes decisions about next steps. If formal learning support services are indicated, those services will be documented in an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). Learning Support Program (LSP) fees are assessed according to the level of support provided.