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Life in Hangzhou

Hangzhou International School (HIS) is nestled in the heart of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Hangzhou is a city of deep historical significance, serving as one of China’s ancient capitals and is now also a leading city for technology development and advancement. 


The city caters to individuals with active lifestyles, boasting excellent air quality, well maintained green pathways, and scenic lakeside cycling routes. It embraces both innovation and sustainable living with a proliferation of electric vehicles and e-bikes, aligning with its status as a tech hub, and home of industry giants Alibaba and Hikvision. Additionally, Hangzhou counts on an extensive transportation network of trains and flights, connecting easily to various destinations in China and beyond. It is conveniently situated less than an hour away from Shanghai by bullet train. 

Hangzhou is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites: Grand Canal and the famous West Lake. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains, rivers, and tea plantations making it a thrilling base for adventure seekers. 

Hangzhou offers a unique blend of modernity, Chinese traditions, green living, safety, and convenience. It’s a city where the best of both worlds -urban and natural-come together, making it a truly exceptional place to live.



Hangzhou has a subtropical climate with long, hot, and humid summers and cool, dry winters.


June, July, and August are the hottest months in Hangzhou. At this time of year, you can expect daily average highs of around 28-30°C, but temperatures can reach as high as the low 40s. Nights don’t bring much relief with temperatures in the mid-20s, and the high humidity can be an uncomfortable experience for some visitors. June is one of the wettest months of the year, with rain on as many as 14 days in the month. 


Autumn is a beautiful time to visit Hangzhou with mild temperatures, especially in November when the autumn foliage changes color around the lake. During the ‘Golden Week/ Mid-Autumn Festival’ public holiday period in October, Hangzhou can be exceptionally busy, so many tourists prefer to avoid that week. In September and October, Hangzhou is occasionally affected by typhoons, bringing stormy winds and torrential rain, but November is a much drier and clearer month. September is still warm, with daily highs of around 28°C and overnight lows of 17°C but by the time November arrives, the temperature is beginning to drop. Nights in November can be a chilly 9°C with temperatures reaching around 15°C during the day.


Winters in Hangzhou are chilly and windy, with occasional light snowfall. Daily temperatures range from 2-11°C and December/ January nights are close to freezing. The winters are long so come prepared with your thermals, gloves, beanies, and winter coats. 


March sees the start of spring in Hangzhou and the city gradually awakens from its long winter. It is considered the best time for visitors. Daily highs start at around 14°C in March but will have risen to 26°C by the end of May. Overnight, it can be chilly in early Spring with temperatures as low as 7°C, but by May the city is considerably warmer with overnight temperatures of around 17°C.